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Maggie will be 5 months old on the 21st. She weighed about 14.9lbs and was about 24inches long 2 weeks ago. She was 6.8lbs at birth.
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Darcy is 4.5 months. She weighs 12lbs 13 oz, and was 10lbs 6oz at birth.

We're seeing a paediatrician for failure to thrive. The paed isn't at particularly concerned about her weight, but I am! She's on the 85th percentile for height, so she looks soooo skinny and her ribcage pokes out. But she's a happy, contented little soul and she loves her breastmilk.
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I have a long skinny baby too, 4months and 13lbs 15oz. I'm not too concerned as the family is filled with long skinny people but the doc wasn't happy that DS has dropped from 85th to 20th percentile. My mother was always suspicious of his birth weight though, she figures they mis-weighed him and he was actually lighter than they say. We'll see what 6 months brings us. I do know that he's a lazy nurser so if he continues to drop then I guess I'll be concerned a little.

And crawling! OMG!!!!!
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