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Talk to me about Arlington

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We are currently living in Florida, which I am not thrilled about. I have a hard time with the weather - DD runs hot and the constant humidity keeps us indoors during the "summer" - pretty much April -Nov. DH can move his position to Arlington fairly easily, but I have never been there before. This is what I consider important:

1. Seasons - I'd like my daughter to be able to see all 4 of them
2. Quality of schools
3. Walkability - trails, paths, anything that we can move on
4. Kid friendliness - parks and such
5. Crunchiness - I need at least one health food store to survive

Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated!

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Are you asking about Arlington, Tx?
It is part of the DFW metroplex area.
I am not in Arlington, but am in the DFW area.
Seasons - we have two - summer and not summer.
Summer starts at the end of May and lasts until about the beginning of November.
It is hot, mainly stay inside and sometimes humid.
Not summer - also known as fall, winter and spring is ok.
Occasionally we will get a few early cold snaps and get pretty fall color on the trees, but usually they are green, then brown with not a lot of in between.
Fall is ok, Winter is not too cold most of the time, but it can be very cold occasionally and we may get one or 4 good snow days and probably at least 4 ice events. Spring is the best! I love spring weather except for the wind, and wish it would last longer. Spring is mild and cool and very nice here.

Quality of schools - I am not familiar with the Arlington school district but have not heard anything dreadful about it so it may be ok.
UT Arlington is located there if you need a good college.

Walkability - I would imagine you could find some nice areas to walk - again don't know exactly what neighborhoods are best since I don't live there.
And the same for parks - probably ok.

Cruchability - most likely you can find some good health food stores in the area.
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1. Seasons - I'd like my daughter to be able to see all 4 of them
2. Quality of schools
3. Walkability - trails, paths, anything that we can move on
4. Kid friendliness - parks and such
5. Crunchiness - I need at least one health food store to survive
1-Like pp said, it's pretty warm here, although I don't think we have near the humidity as you do in FL. We have all 4 seasons but both spring and fall are pretty short. Every year I think "what happened to spring?", as it only seems to last a few weeks.

2- schools - I have no idea.

3- walkability - not sure, I guess it depends on which neighborhood you move. Those closest to the university and Collins/Cooper/Division St. might be more walkable. I think Arlington used to have a whole bunch of bike trails too (they probably still do).

4- kid friendly - it should be great for kids. I know they have some cool neighborhood parks. There is one neighborhood that is super-well know for it's holiday displays. Both Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor are in Arlington, and Texas Rangers baseball. There should be plenty to do with kids and if you can't find what you're looking for, both Fort Worth and Dallas are easy drives.

5- Crunchiness - I'm sure you'd be able to find whatever type store you want. Arlington is home to a large university (UTA) and there is much diversity there. They should have both independent and chain health food stores (as well as alternative medicine/midwives/etc). I don't know for sure about public transportation, it's been a while since I've been to Arlington, but I'm pretty sure they have a bus system there.
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River Legacy Park (I did a google search to find the name of the really cool park & it's River Legacy. It's very nice)!

Here's a link to various attractions, including one for River Legacy.
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they pretty much answered your questions well but I wanted to add for #4

Arlington has a good Whole Foods, I drive 20 minutes to go there cause it's the closest one to me in Irving
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Most of your questions have been answered, but I wanted to chime in on the schools. It is a huge district, so a lot depends on the area. I'd say the best high school in the area is Martin, so if you can find schools that feed into Martin you should be safe. However, if you want REALLY good schools go a little south of Arlington to Mansfield. Mansfield is really expanding, so there are lots of new schools there, and all the teachers I've met who work there love their jobs. This puts you pretty far from Whole Foods, the big natural food store, but there are a few scattered small natural stores closer to Mansfield.

Oh, and there is a restaurant in the new open shopping center called The Highlands that claims to be all-natural healthy stuff, I keep wanting to try it but forgetting, it looks wonderful! Love the shopping center too, great place to walk and window shop, my DH said it reminds him of Europe.
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Originally Posted by ps4624 View Post
3. Walkability - trails, paths, anything that we can move on
Just wanted to chime in on this one. We lived about 1 mile from my work when I lived there. (I worked in downtown/university district). I decided to walk to work, wearing my business casual attire (I was even clean cut at the time). I was stopped by the police 4 times in about 8 months; for walking, because it is so unusual that it is suspicious. Cars DO NOT honor crosswalks, "walk now" traffic signals (when they exist) are never honored by people turning right on red, bicycles are run off the road and there are no bike lanes (at all) and often no sidewalks either, etc etc.

Walking absolutely is not a viable form of transportation in Arlington, ever, for all the reasons listed, however... Many neighborhoods, almost all parks, all shopping malls, etc all have lots of people who walk for recreation/exercise, and they are definitely set up for that.
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River Legacy Parks are awesome! I've cheifly used them for running in the past but they have lots of other stuff too. The Whole Foods is really nice as well.
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