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Northwest Queer Mama's

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Are there any other queer mama's in the Northwest? I just moved to the Seattle area (Mill Creek, just north of Seattle) a couple of weeks ago from Las Vegas, NV.
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We're here, scattered throughout.... I "identify" (I say that b/c I detest labels) as bi, but don't come to this forum enough...

Welcome, and looking forward to hearing more from you!
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Oh, yeah, we're here! Check out the rainbow families website at http://www.rainbowfamiliesps.org/about.html for some events (I haven't really been to many....) There's a playgroup that meets every Monday morning in Wallingford (I've only been there once, and there weren't too many people there, but apparently it fluctuates). Also, apparently Tuesday at the Miller Community Center (on Capitol Hill at 19th and John) is the day that lots of queer parents and their kids come to the toddler gym there (I can vouch for this--last time I went I chatted with a lesbian adoptive mom and two gay dads--not to mention that I often go with my lesbian friend who has a 17-month-old). PM me if you'd like any other details (I'm not sure how old your babe is...)

mom to maddie 2/26/03
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Thanks for the info simcon. My little munchkin just turned two years old, so toddler playgroups I'm especially interested in. What side of town are you in?
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We are in the Central District--so pretty central--you are up north? In any case, the next rainbow families event is a pancake b-fast on Valentine's day, and I think we'll be at that (it's about 3 blocks from our house--how could we not go?)

There were definitely kids your babe's age at the Wallingford playgroup--I think a 2 1/2 y.o. and a 14 month old when I was there.

edited to add: also--you should definitely check out the play gym at miller community center on tuesdays and thursdays with a 2 y.o., it's lots of fun for the kids and they can run off steam, especially when the weather's bad...

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hello and welcome! we are on vancouver island-i guess we arent really in the area you specified but i still wanted to say hi!

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Welcome! I don't come to the boards that frequently, although I'm here a lot more often than I ever make it to Seattle!

I live on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle, my dd is 4.5 years old and I'm in the process of separating from my partner, although we'll still be parenting together for a long time!

We'll all 3 be at the Rainbow Families pancake breakfast tomorrow, it will be our first queer family event. Maybe I'll meet some of you there!

I hope to make it into the city more often to go to Rainbow Families events, we're very isolated here on Whidbey.

Glad to know you're out there,
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I live in southeastern WA.
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I'm in Seattle aswell. Theres a mothers group run by a lesbian at the Montlake professional building on Wens. and another group that is lesbian friendly that walks around greenlake/seward park on alternating fridays -pm me if you want more info.
best of luck
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Howdy! My partner and I live in Woodinville Wa so not far from you. We have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and are expecting our second in November. I am a stay at home mom and my partner works for Microsoft.

We have been members of Rainbow Families. One of my good friends started it two years ago, (they just had their second anniversary a week ago). It was basically started by my friend with the help of other parents who were going to the Monday playgroup at Family Works in the Wallingford District in Seattle. It is still run by volunteer queer parents and they have events the second Sat of every month, however there are other events thrown in here and there. For instance, on the 17th there will be bowling at the UW from 3-5pm. They have a list that you can sign up on to receive emails from other rainbow family folks.
Check out the website: www.rainbowfamiliesps.org

Anyway, the answer to your question about any queer parents in the area...YES! There are a ton of queer families in the NW!
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northwest - eh

we are in Vancouver BC and will be trying soon - will probably have to come over the border and try down there (due to totally restrictive canadian laws), and are looking for clinics down in nw washington to store/dispense sperm to us. Any suggestions? i know you're new in town, but have you met any folks down there with good/cool doctors?
ps - welcome to the northwest - we just drove through nevada, and i prefer our thing (hiking, ocean, etc. over the brothels, gambling and guns...)
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I'm here too. I'm in the south sound/Oly area. I used to live in north Seattle, which was fabulous. I don't have a chance to get on Mothering much these days, but I'm a queer mama who helped start this forum. Wish I lived further up north, but maybe someday we'll meet up in a gathering or something.

Oh, and Missus, there is a bank out in Eastern WA (Spokane I think), but no willing-to-be-known donors if you are looking for that. So far the closest I can find are in CA. One nice one is: www.hellobaby.com (Pacific Reproductive Services). A better one (though it has far fewer donors and thus far less selection) is: http://www.thespermbankofca.org/index.html.

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