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had my HBAC!

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my mw agreed to break my waters yesterday (40w4d) at 11:40. I had originally not wanted any intervention, but was ready to get things started. I was 5cm/90% and -1. I was worried that a AROM would lead to a long slow labor, but boy was I wrong. The contractions started immediately and without breaks. I had the urge to push not even two hours later. Sophia was born at 2:31, 7lb 14 oz, 20.5 inches. She came out crying and her head is not even scrunched.

I just wanted to thank all the moms on this forum. I have reading posts/discussions since March and it really helped me get through this pregnancy. You are all beautiful and wonderful women.
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CONGRATS!!! Welcome earthside little one
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: Congratulations on your HBAC! That is awesome! Congratulations on your sweet daughter! Welcome, LO!
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Congratulations! Our daughter's have the same b'day! And yours is only an hour older
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Congratulations! So glad you got the birth you wanted!
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Yeah HBAC!!! Isn't it the best??!!
Congrats Mama and welcome baby! ::
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Congratulations, mama! Glad you got your HBAC!
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Hooray mama! Sounds like everything went as well as it possibly could have! : Enjoy your sweet baby girl!!
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Congratulations! It's so great that you got to have a HBAC
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that is lovely and spectaular news. congrats to your family and welcome, little sophia!
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: Congrats! :

Love the name Sophia. It was on our list too!
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