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I just wanted to tell someone I FINALLY caught up on the laundry. I hurt myself a few weeks ago and ended up really falling behind on housework. I had 12 loads of laundry to do yesterday and today I finished the last load! Small victory for me!

Oh and my wonderful hubby cleaned out our storage closet yesterday so I didn't have to do it today.
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Found a couple pairs of shoes to get rid of.
Moved more shoes into the under bed storage.
Sorted and put away more laundry.
Moved more personal books from work to home.
Posted another book on Paperbackswap.
Sent out 5 books today.
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Okimom! WTG!

I was ill for three weeks spanning part of July and part of August. I also fell behind on many things. I got caught up on some quicker than others.

Today, I worked on finances and paperwork. The ordinary, routine downloads to Quicken and checking bills, etc was caught up last week and I kept that up this week. I also got to a project I've been meaning to do for awhile: Reviewing our three credit bureau reports EACH (six total) and correcting any issues and closing unnecessary accounts. I started mine before DH came home from work and then we sat side by side on the sofa to finish mine and do his. He made some phone calls while I cleaned up from dinner. I also called Costco's insurance carrier to compare policies with our current carrier. State Farm was $41 less every six months for auto insurance for us, so I didn't need to do anything else on that project. I had opened some new accounts last week and needed to make some phone calls and follow-up on a few details today.

While cleaning up from dinner, I took the whole stovetop apart and cleaned every little nook and cranny. It is only a month or two old and ICK! I wipe it down every night (but I doubt DH did when I was ill) and I have taken it apart a few times before. Cooking from scratch (DH more than me) most of the time really adds a layer of grime to the kitchen...
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Ah! So much done today! I:

*helped the kids clean and organize the playroom
*threw a bunch of stuffed animals in the washing machine
*finally caught up on about 2 days worth of dishes
*cleared out several garden beds so I can start planting my fall crops
*harvested the last of my beans and a few pumpkins
*made some bulk pancake mix from here (so glad I found this!)http://www.keeperofthehome.org/

*made chicken stock
*portioned out some ham and put in the freezer
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Wow! You gals are amazing!

Let see...Today I swept the floors. Washed the dishes from last night :. Made a double batch of zucchini bread. Cleaned the dishes again. Wiped up cat puke in the kitchen. Weeded the front yard and driveway. Added the final coat of paint to the drip rail DH and I replaced on the south side of the house last weekend. Washed a load of laundry. Cleaned up DSs potty accident on the floor. Washed another load of laundry after cleaning DS up . And now I am going to knit for a while, since DS is in his room for nap/quite time. None of that was decluttering, but it's been an eventful day nonetheless.
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I managed a few things:
* Cleaned out the top of the living room closet, finding two diaper bags, my sling and Baby Bjorn - all of which I was looking for.
* Went through a box of DD's clothes. I thought they were all girlie clothes, but there were actually some boy clothes that we can save for DS (on the way).
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sewing basket

This is small compared to some of you... but I've been using a beat up picnic basket for a sewing basket and dragged it house to house for years. I finally had enough. I bought a proper basket and organized everything. Now when I sit down to do a button or hem, I won't be searching through a bunch old crud to find what I need. ::
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I start teaching in two weeks and my home office (where I do most of my prep work) has been driving me crazy! Especially since I received a stack of new textbooks from publishers. So this evening I started backing up my hard drive on DVDs and while the computer was burning disks, I started going through my bookshelves again...I picked 25 books to donate to the department. I also have a garbage bag worth of paper (from various binders) to recycle. I still have to go through one more large bookcase tomorrow and I have a few more files to backup on my hard drive too, but at least it's a start. My office feels much better already.
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Ok, this morning I finished organizing my last book case. I added a few more items to the donate pile. I also started filing the backlog of articles and such that need to find a home in my file cabinet. Now my pile is only one foot tall, instead of 2.5 feet :. To finish this project, however, I need some more file folders, which I hope to pick up this afternoon...
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Not a lot physically, but they were those "loose ends" type of things that make you feel soooo GOOD once they are completely done!

~ AmVets picked up our latest round of decluttering (earlier in August) and left a tax receipt. :

~ DH & I finished signing up for an online account, including going to our local credit union to have the transfer forms notarized (securities account). They didn't charge us for the notary. DH just finished faxing it all off and received confirmation it went through. :

~ DH & I also got our old HSA account closed and the paperwork is completed for a rollover to the new HSA and will be in the mail in the morning. We're just waiting for one more thing before we can get the direct deposit started up for the new account, but the old DD is canceled and we have finished everything we can for now. :
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today I cleaned out the fridge, went grocery shopping (big time- went to the bread factory AND the regular store), came home, sorted through all the pantry items and organized by type and date and then reorganized the chest freezer!
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DH and I got the desk out of our room. Which is the first step in moving the dressers into our room. We put the desk on the curb, and w/in 15 minutes it was GONE! I love that our "bulk trash" usually doesn't have to end up in a landfill.

However, I (8 mos pregnant) helped DH get the desk down two flights of stairs. Mostly while sitting on my butt and taking it two stairs at a time. It was tiring and a little worrisome, but I think nothing is strained.
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I did SOOOOOO much. OMG! All afternoon yesterday I went through the kitchen, cleaned out all the drawers, cabinets, etc.

Of course, now I'm questioning some of the stuff--if I sould keep it or what, etc.

But I am continuously going through the kitchen stuff so it's rather uncluttered actually!

Anyhow...my knees were killing me last night! Sigh
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Did a TON

Did a TON of laundry - you know, all the delicates, etc. Got to the bottom of the laundry bag(s). If there is a third of a load left, I'd really be surprised. I do have kitchen towels to clean. And lunch boxes - DS, our toddler dragged them all over the kitchen and living room, SIGH.

Also started cleaning out the fridge (we are going away for over a week). Still have not packed all my stuff, since I'm waiting for my bras, etc. to dry. But got mostly all packed, including toiletries, diapers, etc.
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wow, you mamas are so inspiring!

off to try to make something of my day!

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Just got ELEVEN moving boxes of stuff picked up for donation. : I told DH we were celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary by getting rid of the stuff we never asked for, never wanted, and couldn't return from our wedding. And most of the rest was baby clothes we didn't ask for/didn't like/never used with DD.
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Today I put away all of the "stuff" that came out of our RV. Put a dresser I bought last weekend in the room it belongs in. Took 2 BIG boxes of magazines and books to the library and put them on the free shelf for others to enjoy. DD cleaned out 1/2 the pantry don't want to talk about all the wasted food in there.... : AND Oh and put 2 pairs of pants on freecycle. :
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i really did get inspired i packed up all the things i'm taking to london this round, moved everything for charity into a corner of the storage room, prepared a bag of things for young mums, freecycled a number of things, came across some linen to make a dress, prepared a box of music discs to sell off, sorted out any last clothing to be given away, did two loads of laundry (the very last!) left behind here and made decisions about all of it, cut up an old white t-shirts for rags, began slicing up an ugly stripey tablecloth and rolling up a ball of the pretty stripes to rag a rug with, chose tools out of my toolbox to take to london, polished spice jars to take, put away the camping gear! phew! and managed to cook two good meals! my children were having a very happy, playing on their own day

since then i've decided to try to do one extra task here each day, so far i've gotten my sewing box fixed, and reorganised its contents, and bought myself a good pair of shears to go with my thread-snipping scissors.

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This morning I finally put away all the laundry that I had folded, but in baskets. In the process I went through my chest of drawers and decided to finally let go of a few items that I didn't fit in (but had vainly hoped I might some day). I added them to a donation box I have going in the basement. This gave me room for the few "new" items of professional apparel that I recently bought at the thrift store.

Then this evening, after dinner and baking cookies, I brought up all the large containers of bulk foods (rice, oats, several varieties of flour, etc) and refilled the smaller containers I keep in the kitchen. I have no pantry, only a makeshift storage area in the basement and a small cabinet in the kitchen for food. This is something I have to do about every month.

The only other thing I worked on today (other than the usual dish washing and misc cleaning up after DS) was to knit about 8 inches on a giant snake I am making DS for Christmas...slowly but surely.
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You ladies are so inpiring! Got a lot of stuff done yesterday in the ktichen. Hopefully I'll get re-energized here. Been getting up early now that school is in session!
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