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I this thread!

This community has inspired me to really start decluttering before the bean arrives. So today I:

-did four loads of laundry
-got rid of a dresser full of clothes and put the dresser on craigslist so I'm not tempted to fill it back up again
-cleaned the clutter from the living room
-cleaned the kitchen
-harvested raspberries, froze some, and made the rest into raspberry cupcakes
-cleaned the guest room
-cleaned the silverware drawer

And tomorrow, I promise myself that I will:
-continue to declutter the bedroom by clearing off the remaining dressers' tops
-do more laundry
-start decluttering my desk (the biggest job of all)

Thanks for all the inspiration, ladies!
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Today so far:
-Put away 3 loads of laundry
-started another load of laundry (still washing right now)
-ran 2 loads of dishes (skipped doing the dishes yesterday )

-kept three kids clean, fed, and happy- most important of all
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--Shopped at Costco yesterday so chopped all my peppers, celery, onions, vaccum sealed them in baggies and put in freezer.
--Did the same for huge packs of chicken and sausage.
--Finally broke down all boxes from the move and have arranged for them to be picked up to be used for someone else to use.
--Did 4 loads of laundry.
--Finally shopping for textbooks for fall semester online.
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Got my teeth cleaned? Does that count?
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DD (age 8) & I ran errands today...lots of errands and she was well-behaved! The trick was taking her to the library midway through and feeding her several times. She literally followed me everywhere with her nose in a book. It was the quietest shopping trip ever...no whining, no begging, just smiles and a bit of corralling.

We accomplished:
~ Dropping off a bag of books (returns) at the city library.
~ Getting gpa a gift.
~ Picking up a handful of good deals on things we needed.
~ Meeting a new store owner and supporting her new business.
~ Checking out a bag of "new" books from the county library.
~ Dropping off charity items from our recent decluttering.
~ Finding DD the only clothing items she needs until winter (2 tank tops).
~ Sharing a plate of Mexican food for lunch. (We brought our own inexpensive drinks.)
~ Filling the car up with gas.
~ Finding DH a special shampoo and vitamins for a skin condition that we hope to clear up.
~ Finding a new fruit to try this week (pluots).
~ Getting groceries for the week for us and the kitten (raw food).
~ Putting everything away, including separating portions and freezing the bulk meat purchases.
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I swept, did dishes, and cleaned off my countertops and stovetop! :
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absolutely nothing! too hot here to do anything - took kiddos to the lake.
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4 loads, plus diaper laundry. I do diaper laundry about every 1-2 days.

I put out an old dresser in the trash. I've been washing a ton of laundry, moving clothes out of the old dresser. We had our bedroom painted, so I hung DH and my stuff in DDs room, and I've been washing that stuff in her closet, too.

Took a couple of things to the dry cleaners, took out the trash. Scheduled a yoga class for me tomorrow. Cared for DS almost the whole day, while DH took a bike ride. Went this evening to go shopping for me - I bought 3 tops from the Gap, tanks with a bit of ruffling at the top (3 different colors). Also tried on pants at another store, but didn't find anything good. DH and DS went with me.

Oh, and saw a beetle in our old dresser (going to be handed down to DD). So I am washing EVERYTHING, before putting things away. Luckily, I think the beetles (if any are left) are confined to DDs room, so we should be able to vacuum / scrub her room, it's pretty small. DD has been at camp, so we've been able to get a lot done.

Kept on top of the kitchen. Loaded/unloaded dishwasher, wiped counters, ate at home. DS napped a lot today.
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Despite the heat, I actually got some stuff done. The night before last I cleaned out my husband's dresser so now he can find something to wear. Yesterday, I put together another box of toys for donation and organized the others. Hoping to drop off the donations today, my trunk is full!

Will work on cleaning the fridge today, as it's cold in there and hot everywhere else. ;0)
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I dropped off three boxes at the thrift store. HOORAY! We have much more too do, but we are so packed with junk and disorganized that I think we are going to just keep chipping away at it slowly.

I finished another book that I will trade online, and I think I may be able to finish a book tonight.

And, I made some "mincemeat bars" last night, to use up our home-canned goods. Actually, they didn't live up to expectations, but good enough to eat.
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dana, i love the idea of chopping your peppers and onions and freezing. does it really speed up your cooking prep time?

i haven't gotten too much done yet today.

went on walk with the kids
unloaded half the dishwasher
folded and put away two loads of towels

right now, need to finish my list and go grocery shopping
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- unloaded & reloaded & unloaded dishwasher
-various phone calls: registered for my CPR class/ dentist appts for the kids/ appt for my mom
-made DH's dinner for him to take to work
-tossed a load into the washing machine
-cleaned up the kitchen

Still have yet to do:
-put away 3 loads of laundry
-change sheets on the beds
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Originally Posted by calmom View Post
dana, i love the idea of chopping your peppers and onions and freezing. does it really speed up your cooking prep time?
I'm not Dana, but I also do this and it saves a TON of prep time! I make breakfast burritos a lot and usually can just grab veggies from the freezer to put in them--super easy! Kale is the vegetable I find most useful chopped up and frozen...it's easily crushed into tiny pieces when frozen and can be snuck into lots of recipes that way
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I don't chop my veggies and put them in the freezer- I actually buy them that way.. it is cheaper to buy frozen than fresh here... but I also stick them in breakfast burritos, soup, spaghetti sauce...etc etc
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A load of laundry, washed, dried and put away, but still have laundry from two days ago to put away.
Donated bags and boxes of toys and picked up two new lamps for under $15.
Grocery shopping.
Mailed a package and returned overdue books.
Made dinner and put one kiddo to bed.
And as usual, fed and watered the chickens, turkeys, cats and dogs and watered the garden, etc.
No wonder I'm so tired at the end of the day.
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Moved dvd player, wii, and ps2 to top shelf of bookcase. (Hey, you try getting your laundry folded when your dvd is reset to the beginning every 2 minutes by an 11month old who discovered buttons.)
Um... that's it.
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So far:
-put away three loads of laundry
-two loads of dishes
-general tidying up
-washed dining room seat cushions

Still to do:
-change the sheets on my bed
-set out tomorrow's outfits for kiddos
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-4 loads of laundry, washed, folded, put away
-cleaned out 3 kitchen drawers
-2 loads of dishes
-ran behind the kids and cleaned up all their messes
-organized one closet
-rearranged all the DVDs and CDs

I had a mom over for two hours this morning, and then a neighbor kid over for half the day so not bad for keeping up on all my normal stuff and then having a bit of extra time to go through drawers and closets.
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Alot! Cleaned the bathroom, including mopping, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, did the dishes, dried and folded a load of laundry and have another drying now, cleaned out 5 bags of clothes and five boxes of toys out of the attic and loaded most of it into the trunk for drop off. Oh, and also vacuumed. Still more to do, it's only 1pm. I'm actually glad to be cleaning my house today!
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Did some laundry, cleaned out a closet (one large garbage bag of trash, one large garbage bag of old toys).. then I window shopped on ebay.

Oh, yeah, and moved all the furniture in the family room and vacuumed behind them.
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