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So...today I have done 4 loads of laundry (washed, folded, put away). Then I put new stuffing in an old pillow and sewed a small hole in it.
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I got the drawer by the phone cleaned out It opens now Some of Ds's toys thrown out (they were not donate worthy!) I vacuumed have done so far 5 loads of laundry and one more load I am waiting to fold (still in the dryer) the last two where new baby clothes I got them at a garage sale for 10 dollars and they are newborn to 12 months and the whole wardrobe she had the baby a couple weeks after I am due so it was perfect! (that was way off topic but exciting also ) I also cleaned out the pen thing wow that was a mess!!! but makes the kitchen look better odd huh how something so small makes a big differance?
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Picked up photos, short trip to grocery store, put gas in vehicle, dropped off donations, did some laundry

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We finished the entire garage except the tools (we inherited all my dad's tools, plus the random light switches and doorknobs and every last nut, bolt, and nail he might need one day - I love him dearly, but he was a pack rat in terms of tools and accessories). I purged so much that we had been keeping in boxes just in case. It's so clean in there now, everything is on shelves, all the camping stuff is together ... I'm quite proud of dh and I.
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you are all so impressive!

well, this week i've decluttered all the clothes in our former closet (currently have two households on two continents, whittling down the first one and bringing things to the second) so now i can just decide whether to reuse as rags, reconstruct into other clothes, sell, give away or hand-me-down to our youngest!
i also went through another closet, i'm half way there and have decluttered most of it. one hanging shelf is practically empty and will stay there for guests; the other is packed for london.

otherwise i've been living at the beach and barely doing laundry or dishes

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Yesterday I deep cleaned the kitchen (it needed it badly), cleaned the dining room table off (it became a catch all), AND did all of the laundry (all but one load is even folded and put away)
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i organized my ENTIRE kitchen this morning. it took me three hours. it feels so much better.
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Did dishes this morning,emptied the dishwasher, ironed a shirt for DH, cleaned dining room table,washed 4 loads of laundry, washed the dog and brushed him which took about 3 hrs ,vacuumed, put on the washed slipcovers (sofa)
Also, have some honey baked lentils in the oven for dinner tonight.
Printed some checks for DH's business and went to the bank.

I really need to organize our books in the new wall unit but I think I may wait until tomorrow. I've been putting this off for weeks.
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We swapped furniture recently and then I got the flu. DD's room was mostly finished before I got sick and I still have the pictures to hang. Our room was barely started before I got sick. Yesterday, I spent an hour or two working on my clothes. I had to consolidate from four mid-size drawers down to two very shallow and much smaller drawers. DH helped me out by giving a sweater of his away and consolidating a bit of his own clothing in order to give me a small, but deep drawer in our other dresser. I finished that up today and got everything else off the floor in our bedroom and vacuumed every square inch. I dusted, too. I cleared off the two pieces of furniture that hold clothes and only put back what I really love. (I had asked DH his opinions yesterday and made sure to keep the two things he cares about.) I am currently taking a break before hunting down a couple items that seem to be MIA from our bedroom that I miss and love. (We had a major flood on the main floor of our floor a few months ago and things got shuffled all over our house.) I also went through the medicine cabinet (IKEA wall-mounted version that we hung on our back closet wall) and gave away some items we never use (non-medicines) and tossed out two expired items (medicines).
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I, for the first time since before children, got cought up on all the laundry. I discovered we have way too many clothes, because they won't all fit, so I started going through them to get rid of some:

I stripped all of the beds and re-made them:

I tidied up most of the house, and vacuumed the entire house.:

I nursed the baby periodically, but sat the older two children in front of videos
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Today I:
- started on the filing pile at work
- DH picked up the dresser I bought for DD
- did some laundry (and am still working on)
- dealt with some garden produce
- prepped tomorrow nights dinner, which has been problematic, but my dear husband will come to the rescue for me tomorrow
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My brother came by today, and I sent him away with a Car Seat/Base/Stroller combo, our extra baby playmat, and a bag of maternity clothes for SIL.

Most importantly, we got to see my brother, :, but it was also nice to see some of my extra stuff find a new home.
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I helped the big kisd declotter their bedrooms, closets, and the playroom. I also reorganized the bookshelves in the office.
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I was feeling sick for the majority of the day, but when I perked up later on I did a load of dishes, one load of laundry, and organized our schedule for the rest of the month (appts, etc.).
Tomorrow should be more productive!
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But I did have a girls day with my best friend. Also spent the evening with my mother and Ds So I think that makes up for not doing what I wanted to get done!
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i decluttered our dress-up clothes until there really was nothing left (we've got better and more adaptable things in our london home, like playsilks), pruned back some soft toys, culled a few toys that really aren't used anymore, and started to develop a plan for our serious collection of playmobil so it isn't overwhelming. i think my children can use it over the next 5+ years, and it may actually be worth something eventually so i think i'll rotate a lot more of it, so it isn't possible to pull out so MUCH at a time!! however i think there's a number of things that could be loaned out. 'temporarily'

next i'd like to start selling/gifting books + discs, especially tech books.

what would you do if you had a nice tv, and all the audio + players to go with it, but weren't in the country to use it, indefinitely? would you sell it? rent it somehow? store it? lend it?

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Okay, I got both of my children's rooms cleaned, decluttered and organized. The bathroom is spotless and the bath toys have been cleaned in bleach (bleck! but can't think of a easier more effective way to do it.)
I have two more child-free hours left. What to do? What to do?
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It's been more of a usual maintenance day here today. DD and I did our weekly Wednesday cleaning of the bathrooms, I dusted, washed diapers, picked the daily room to Roomba (I so love that thing - best present I've ever received), did a load of dishes. Thinking about working on my current decluttering project, which is sorting baby clothes and deciding what to keep for the new baby in Dec., but I am fast running out of energy. Might be time to go to sit under a tree at the park instead.
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I vaccuumed inbetween the cushions of myh living room sofa.
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