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I hosed off the eaves and fascia of my house. Amazing how much dirt comes off of white siding!
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Over the last few days, I have managed to go through every single item in our master bedroom, including the closet and inside every piece of furniture, drawer, box, etc. AHHHHH!!!! What a long and tedious project since I clean each item along the way. I LOVE IT!!! Everything is clean, fresh, organized, peaceful, and pretty now. I have three bags and a box for charity. We even washed every single thing on our bed and vacuumed the mattresses and tightened the frame...no more squeaks...

I pulled out and organized every item in the master bathroom, too, but I still need to clean it top to bottom. I washed towels and vacuumed today.

DD's bedroom got the same royal treatment as our bedroom the week before last, but I just started on her closet today. Clothes were already done and I got the top two shelves done today. Vacuumed today.

I got the top two shelves of the linen closet emptied, straightened, and reorganized. Things usually stay organized in this closet, but we had a major flood a few months back and everything in our house was affected in one way or another.
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We had leftovers for dinner, I ran shopping errands and lunch, and I replaced a broken showerhead tonight while DD was in the bath.
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Took three kids to the doctor. Took everyone to one school to register one child, then took everyone to the other school to register two more children. Watched dh get REALLY unnerved by the school nurse (argument over chicken pox- which my child already had but the documentation was put on the wrong form- it apparently should never have been entered on the immunization form by the DOC's office, because the nurse says it is the wrong place and therefore invalid).. :

Came home and started sorting school supplies into various backpacks and checking off the little boxes.
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stopped by laundry mat to wash big bedspread
vacuumed and de-cluttered car
called town to find out how to get fence high grass cut on foreclosure next door
started typing up notes for my volunteer board position
checked in w/ my sis on what hand-me-downs to mail to niece
got feedback from my people on a new idea for my biz...
stayed caught up on everyday chores (laundry, dishes)
stopped by store to buy milk and bank to deposit check
balanced bank account
delegated basket making project (has been cluttering my kitchen) to dh and ds while I was out :, ds has fallen asleep, but dh is still diligently working on it
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I got ds's toy hammock hung in the play area, sorted through all his toys/stuffies(still more sorting to do). Explained that we can't have his 3rd b-day party w/o getting rid of some old toys
Hung another toy holder.
Hung an ornament in the toy area that he got for his 2nd b-day lol
Posted things on freecycle
4 loads of laundry
2 loads of dishes
Delivered b-day invites

Today LOTS of cleaning/organizing..It'd be nice if dd wasn't teething though
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I finished going through the linen closet: pulled everything out, reorganized/refolded items, and put them back in. I also cut up two old t-shirts and added the new rags somewhere where DD can reach them. Everything fits soooo much better and the doors close! :

I hung 8 pieces of artwork in DD's bedroom and the growth chart (tricky to measure and I got it precisely right). WOO HOO!!! :

I used our little Oreck canister vac from ceiling to floor around the edges of the master bedroom, including the window & blinds and throughout the entire closet, then dust-vac'd the ceiling fan in the center of the ceiling. Repeat in DD's bedroom, master bath, guest bath, and hallway. No more cobwebs and the baseboards are all clean again! :

DD & I emptied the dishwasher and have been adding to it throughout the day. I've been doing laundry and hanging things out on the line. It sure is hot! An entire load of towels/jeans/blanket (random heavy-duty colors load) dried before noon and now I have a down comforter out there.
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Whoa, I'm way behind! Today I've done laundry, dishes, baked bread, chased chickens and know what we're having for dinner. Over the last week, I've changed and washed the sheets, took four boxes and four bags to Goodwill that came out of the attic. Cleaned the loft in prep for making it the kids room and other various daily duties. Onward and upward!
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I de-cluttered under the kitchen sink and cleaned in really realy good I scrubed it really really good and what not that is where our garbage goes so it gets nasty! I also cleaned the fridge : that was ummm....lets say............. NASTY!
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I moved out our two old computer desks that have been hanging around since we installed the new (more ergonomic) one, two weeks ago!! Took one to the garage to go on Craigslist; the other will be my new scrapbooking table.
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I didn't do too much today, random cleaning, tons of laundry

I did start sanding down and filling in holes on a book shelf that I stole from my grandmothers house And if dh will get the paint out for me and the weathers nice I hope to have it painted tom. And HOPEFULLY bolted to the wall by this weekend to get ds's books off the floor.

Ds is going with m-i-l for the day tom. so I hope to purge more of his toys/clothes beforehis bday party next weekend
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we moved a month and a bit ago and im still unpacking! today my partner put together our corner tv shelf thing in the living room, which has no tv in it , so its now a puppet theater and book shelf. i unpacked a few boxes of kids toys and things..did a bunch of laundry & hung it on the line. swept the livingroom floor, did dishes twice by hand and did a load of dishwasher dishes (that have been sitting in there for a over a week).i spent quite a bit of time rearranging the bedroom closet with the kids clothes in it, but didnt get around to the decluttering their clothes which was the whole purpose of it...but i did get a bunch of things hung up, some hooks put up, and a new shelf in there. i also did a bunch of outside tidy up. it was a very productive day and thats only a wee bit of what i did. i wish i felt like it was actaully helping me get where i want to be!
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Well, I didn't do all of it today...but over the last few days I've managed to get caught up on most of the laundry, the dishes, mowed the yard & trimmed/weeded, cleaned the guinea pigs' cage, scooped the cats' litterboxes, cleaned the deck, and cleaned up the kitchen, the laundry area,and half the basement. :-) So I'm feeling slightly accomplished at the moment. Still have a lot to do though, lol, but it's a start.
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Cleaned food out of the fridge, went grocery shopping (stuck to list, since dp wasn't there!), and spent two hours this morning on my classroom.. got bulletin boards up, and found some samples I was looking for for a workshop I am teaching this year (this was pretty important that I find these!)
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I was up way too early this morning, so I:
- Emptied and filled the dishwasher
- Went through about 1/3 of my swapping books, and made sure they were posted on all the sites I trade on. May have a few to send out this week.
- Found another book to sell, hopefully
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Yesterday I

picked up some Bento items for my lunches (found some good deals!)
Did a whole bunch of laundry
Cooked up a crock pot of beans for freezing
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Today, by noon, I have...

~ Cleaned two bathrooms top to bottom by myself
~ Assisted 8 YO in cleaning her bathroom
~ Picked up the kitchen and master bedroom
~ Picked up the foyer with DD's assistance
~ Cleaned the litter box and surrounding area
~ Vacuumed the entire downstairs
~ Cooked lunch with DD's assistance
~ Cleaned up after lunch
~ Washed 4 loads of laundry
~ Hung out 2 loads to dry in the sun (thus far; part of another one will go out)
~ Dried one load in the dryer partway and they are drying the rest of the way inside (thus far; part of the last load will get the same treatment)
~ DD took out the trash and I took out recycling

Now, I have some paperwork to do and finish the laundry in progress.

ETA: I finished all the laundry, but still haven't finished the darn paperwork....
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dropped some stuff off at the library.
Bought a yogurt maker and some bento supplies : (although there was a glitch checking out at the store, and had to have my bill corrected)..
picked up some forms at the doc's office and dropped them by the school
got some paperwork for 4 yo together as he is being considered for headstart :
Went by the middle school to show oldest son where his zero hour class will be
returned an item I bought yesterday that was broken when we got home..

Froze two quart bags of slow cooked white Northern beans,
soaked a batch of red kidney beans (currently in the crockpot- will likely freeze tomorrow)
currently soaking two batches of pinto beans.
Hand washed all my bento items- they are drying!
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Took ds to the drs. which I worried was going to be an all day affair but luckily only took 2 hours from start to finish

I took EVERYTHING out of our bedroom
-swept all the cobwebs
-cleaned the base boads
-swept/moped the floor
-sorted though all of my clothes/some of dh's and purged TWO garbage bags and I'm not done
-moved dd's crib back into the room
-moved our bed into what use to be the "music room" which is now our bedroom
-moved the glider rocker into dd's "new room"
-moved a side table/lamp into her room
-hung the curtains I made for the room yest
-moved all the dressers around except one that I'm stealing from my inlaws house and I don't want to carry down 3 flights of stairs and across the lawn

Made homemade pesto for dinner:
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Went over the budget for the month
Helped friend with his resume
Emptied all the trash cans and took trash to curb
Cleaned toilet
Cleaned litter box (and tile around it)
Did dishes
Watered the garden
Swept kitchen and dining room
Did a general clean up of living room
Sorted the mail
Wrote letters to both my grandmothers
Researched a safer shampoo for ds (at 11.5, he has trouble using the bs/vinegar method, and I just found out the Jason shampoo he's been using was given a poor score on Skin Deep)
Did a load of laundry
Researched growing wheatgrass
Updated my home management binder


Still need to clean out the fridge (not a deep clean), but I'm waiting until it cools down a bit. The front part of the house is so hot during the day that I try to stay in the bedroom as much as possible. Yay, Texas. :
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