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Need Chewable b6 vitamins

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Cross Posted in Health and Healing....

My 10 year old son can't swallow vitamins yet. He is epileptic ( absence seizures ) and has to take 150 mg. of B6 each day.

We have been using the Kirkman Labs but my son is sick of the flavor.

Does anyone have any tips or know of any other vitamin brands that have chewable b6? We are willing to get it in a multivitamin if it has enough b6 in it.

any help is greatly appreciated!
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What flavor is kirkman's?
http://www.mountainnaturals.com/for_..._b6_vitamin_c/ This one is almost enough b6 (126 I think when I looked). I often split pills to get the dosage I need so it might work.
For b6 and similar I often just get capsules and dump the contents out into applesauce or something similar. You can also dissolve many of them in liquids. Just another idea that, if it works, might make things cheaper and you never have to worry about taste issues.
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the kirkman's are a 'tropical' flavor. they are pretty gross.

I've tried capsules before for taurine, but they tasted awful mixed with everything i tried; smoothies, juice, yogurt, applesauce, pudding etc. etc. blech.

I am going to try b6 capsules, maybe its a different taste that won't be so bad. thanks for the tips.

off to check the link...
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i'm definitely ordering those!!!! Hopefully they'll be better.

I think I'm going to try a few things and just continue alternating how he takes the vitamin so that it doesn't become as redundant.
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The problem is that B6 tastes awful by itself, and some masking flavors end up making it worse. The "No-Shot" Methyl B-12 sublingual tablet dissolves instantly, and it has B6 + Folic Acid...the taste is OK, not offensive like the Kirkman stuff.
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I bought some Solgar B-6 capsules in 100 mg increments...


i mixed them with some juice and he couldn't taste it at all!

WOO HOO! hopefully this will work out for us.

Thanks for all the advice!
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