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Had a baby girl!

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I had my baby yesterday afternoon!
My water broke around 2 and baby was born at 3:30! Dh was the only one here and he did a great job of catching her. It was awesome to do it that way. The mw's assistent came about 20 minutes later followed by the mw a short time later.
Everything is great!
Thinking of all the mamas still to give birth and those who are holding their newborns now. Thanks for your support during this pregnancy!
All the best to all of you!
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Wow, congratulations! We really have been having a lot of speedy deliveries around here!
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Congratulations! Sounds like a great labor and birth Can't wait to meet her and for our two little ones to meet each other!
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Congratulations! I'm glad everything went so well. Enjoy your "babymoon!"
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Holy cow that was fast!
Congrats Mama!!! Welcome Baby! ::
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I'm hoping all the fast labor vibes are still around when the rest of us birth! Congrats mama
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Congratulations!!! :
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Congratulations, mama!
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Congrats mama!!!!! We can't wait to meet her
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Great work, mama and welcome baby girl!
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Congrats! Glad everything went smoothly.
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Congrats!! Welcome earthside little one
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: Congratulations, mama! That is awesome that your DH caught the baby. Sounds like a great birth! Welcome to your sweet baby girl!
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Wow that was fast! Congrats!
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Thank you! Wishing you all speedy births and happy babies
Can't wait to read yours, Shalonne! Soon!
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