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Anyone else planning a lotus birth?

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So we decided to do a lotus birth b/c it seems more natural and we figured, why not? It doesn't bother me at all that the placenta and cord will stay attached. I think it is more natural and may help with jaundice. My MW is excited about it and DH is totally on board.

Unfortunately we are getting some negative feedback from the grandparents. My dad is afraid to even come see the baby until the placenta detaches b/c he thinks it's gross and DH's mom basically told me that it seems crazy. I basically told them that if they don't like it, they can just not see the baby the first few days. But DH's parents are in from out of town and might miss seeing baby altogether if they are uncomfortable with it.

Anyone else have problems with family members being freaked out?
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The ONLY reason that I am not, is cause I really want to consume the placenta and see if it helps with the hormonal issues I have That being said, If it is what YOU want to do, then do it. I would be thrilled at it keeping visitors away for a little longer!
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I am going to consume mine (hopefully to avoid having a postpartum MS attack), so leaving it attached for days won't really work. Plus I want to do placenta prints on canvas which would be hard if babe was attached However, let me just say... if they miss out on seeing baby because they are grossed out, that is THEIR problem. You should do whatever feels RIGHT to you. Regardless of the parents or in-laws. My 2 cents
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We just did a lotus birth!

Baby was born on July 10, and cord came off on July 13.

Honestly, I told family they couldn't come over until the cord fell off, because last time they ended up pressuring us into cutting the cord on the 2nd day.
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I say just do what you feel is best for your baby . He/she is what matters most. Grandparents will just have to get over it or wait. Probably won't be the first time you have to choose what is best for your baby over what the gparents want.... Good luck!
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Reha- This is our first lotus birth. You are the only person in our ddc that has told me they did a lotus birth. Can you tell me how easy it was to keep it attached? Like, did it seem to be in the way or inconvenient? Or was it no big deal?
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Not in your DDC but I saw this in new posts so I hope you don't mind...

My last 4 babes have all had Lotus Births. Actually if you google LB you'll probably find my 2nd ds's LB story.

I say if its what's in your heart than go for it, don't worry about how weird your fam may think LB is. My mom thought we were nuts but after the first day or so learning how to be mindful of the placenta and cord, it became easy to hold and snuggle the baby. After the clots and excess blood were rinsed away, we applied salt and an herb mixture I put together, wrapped the placenta in a cloth dipe, and swaddled it right along with the babe. That way grandparents and other visitors can hold the baby and not even have to deal with the placenta. One of my babe's even had a chiropractic adjustment with his cord/placenta attached from our chiro who came to visit in first day or two after birth. My dh changed the dipe and washed and re-salted the placenta daily until it fell off~ an average of about 4 days for all my LB babes.

Of course this is just antecdotal, but my first babe (who's cord was cut even before his body was fully born b/c it was a tight nuchal x2) was the only one of my 5 who had any jaundice. All of my LB babe's never had an issue with increased bilirubin.

Above all our LB allowed us to savor lingering in the baby bubble a little longer following the birth. It was a mindful time where we ad to be present with the baby, and not think about other responsibilities. If it kept family and friends away who were apprehensive about the placenta, than I felt it was meant to be that those ppl stayed away during that time- for them and for us, yk? Best of luck with your birth and with a LB, should you decide to do it. It really is a wonderful experience!
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