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I wanted to thank all you women for your support. Mamabear, I thought your words were awsome and inspirational! You totally get where I am coming from. Many of my females friends have told me the same thing: In many ways being a single mom is preferrable because to avoid the resentment and negotiations. In reality most women end up being "single mothers," whether they start out that way, or not. As I said, more power to the men who are willing to parent, but I am not going to sit around waiting for one while my eggs rot. I agree: Motherhood is a higher calling. I feel that it is the most important thing I can do with my life. I can't wait. Even though my childhood was tough, I was/am very close to my mom. I know the power of a good mother, and I want to share that with my young'ins. Thanks again for your support. I will keep you posted. I am planning this very carefully financially, and I probably will wait to start ttc until September of this year (on my 35th birthday!). Ciao.