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I want to sell my 2 strollers secondhand and buy a new one to replace it. The reasons I am getting rid of the other two:
1. Joovy sit n stand: I don't need 2 seats anymore as my son is getting older, so I want something lighter and smaller (However, I still want storage.)
2. Combi (small umbrella-like model, I forgot the name): My DH kicks the wheels and it is so not smooth to push. It doesn't steer that great.

If it was up to me I would get the smallest thing possible but my husband wants storage space for shopping. So we want:
  • A fair amount of storage
  • As compact as possible considering the above
  • Smooth steering
  • Good leg clearance
  • Not too long when folded so I can fit it in the trunk. (My friend's long light Chicco will not fit in my trunk because it is so long.)
We have 3 uses.
-Transporting my DD from parking to destinations in a pedestrian downtown area.
-Shopping at the mall
-20 minute walks around my neighborhood