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decreased fetal movement 30 weeks

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I have been feeling my baby move like crazy - 10 counts in 10 minutes - until this weekend. I've only felt a few brief, light, single movements over the past 2 days. I am going to get checked after work today, but wonder how common this is at this stage. Maybe the babies get big and find a comfy spot and don't move as much?
I could also really feel a large hard rounded spot this morning that was maybe the back of her head. Maybe she's facing my spine and I can't feel her?
Is this common and normal from here on out? Or is it scary?
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I think it all depends on the child. With my first I had some moments where I got worried about movement. But I would do the kick counts (can't remember the formula, but it was so many movements in a period of time). Sometimes she wouldn't move, so I would eat a little something to wake her and then she would do what she was supposed to do With my second there was never an issue, she moved constantly. This one is more like my first. I go periods of time when I don't feel the baby move much. Once I concentrate on paying attn I do feel movement and then I don't worry about it. It is possible that the baby's movements aren't being detected by you because you are used to them now. If you are worried just do the kick counts every day to put your mind at ease.

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I'm only at 26 weeks so I've still got the all-day dance party happening in my uterus, and this is my first so I have no previous experience, BUT my sil mentioned to me that for her she had a ton of movement and then it quieted down a lot around week 30 (I remember she specifically said week 30) because babe was getting bigger and had less room to manuever around in there. So definitely get checked for your peace of mind, but probably the babe is just chillin in there!
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my little one has quieted also. The movements are stronger but less. Also a lot of the movements are very subtle. I would never notice them if I was doing something, I notice them when I'm still and paying attention.
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I'm 27 weeks and the movement for my baby is also seeming to slow down as well. I never notice now when I'm busy doing something, only during what little "quiet time" I have. Some movements feel very strong, but most are still a fluttering feeling for me.
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they did a non-stress test on me last night. the heartrate was great but then they said I was having contractions (that I couldn't feel) so they kept me on the monitor for a long time. finally the m/w said she felt comfortable about everything and they let me go.
It was nice to hear the kicks and movement on the monitor that I wasn't feeling b/c now I know they can be happening even if I don't feel them.
I had a regular appt. today and they want me to do another non-stress test tomorrow if the movements don't get more noticeable, and then come in next week.
I rested when I got home and felt 10 movements, although they are much more subtle than before. I guess maybe this is the new norm.
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I think my baby is still "turning" herself around in my uterus. Some days I notice lots of kicking and can really see my belly move, but other days I just feel a fluttering in my pelvic area and I am pretty sure I can feel her bottom above my belly button. I assume her kicks are going toward my back and are not as noticeable.

I am feeling fewer, stronger movements now, just over the past few days. I am almost 30 weeks.
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I copied the following from a kick count site:

12. Do babies kick less near the end of pregnancy?
NO! Towards the end of pregnancy, the baby may move differently, less kicks and more rolling. However, a kick count should take about the same time when it is done at the same time of the day when your baby is most active.


Maybe she is rolling more than kicking- but that counts just the same. Kick count should really be called move count (!)
Kick count is fetal movement counting which includes kicks, turns, twists, swishes, rolls, and jabs but not hiccups.

Glad the NST went well for you.
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