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Trampoline Safety

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So our neighbors (who my son plays with a lot/backyard borders ours) bought a trampoline today. They see NO problem with letting multiple kids jump at once. I see a HUGE problem with that. My 6 year old son wants to jump at the same time as the other kids, who are all older and bigger than him (youngest is 10)

I am sticking by this, even though the neighbors thinks I am being silly. Please can anyone help me out here?? I am not a complete safety freak, but isn't it super dangerous to have tons of kids on a trampoline at the same time???!!!
Any links would be appreciated, I am trying to convince my very logical 6 year old that this is dangerous. Poor guy just feels left out of the fun because all the other kids are allowed to do it.
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We thought about getting a trampoline but when I was googling info on them and insurance, it was enough to scare me off of purchasing one.
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Is there the high net all the way around? If so, I'd be ok depending on how many kids and how wild they are. A 6, a 10 and a 12 year old jumping appropriately with a high net wouldn't bother me too much. A 6, 10, 12, and six 14 year olds jumping wildly - with or without a net - would scare me.
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We have a rule at our house of 3 kids or less at once. It also helps keep the trampoline from getting worn out too quickly. Sorry your neighbors are being diffucult
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When our kids were 5 and under we had a trampoline and didn't care how many were on it. Luckily, our trampoline blew away in a storm and got ruined. I don't think I'd let more than 2 bigger kids on it at a time. And definitely not random neighbor kids. A neighbor of ours got sued a few years ago because another kid fell off of the trampoline and broke his wrist. Said kid snuck over and was on the trampoline alone when the owner wasn't home. Too much liability. We will never have another, even though it was super fun. I wouldn't let my 6 year old play on one with bigger kids.
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I broke my ribs jumping with a child my same age and size. They jumped as I was landing and I got launched unexpectedly up and back down and my hips smacked into my ribs.

Trampolines are dangerous and your instinct about multiple jumpers being dangerous is dead on.

If you watch professionals using trampolines they never all climb on and go at it. It's really dangerous.
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My best friends' son just broke his arm on theirs. It's going to be a sucky summer for this 5 year old. My kids know they are not allowed on trampolines unless1. there is a cage, 2. no more than two children, 3. they jump with kids about the same size 4. I am right there.

i am sure the safer response would be no trampolines but my kids just love trampolines
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OT- My neighbors' big trampoline blew over our 8 foot fence and crash landed into our backyard during a storm once.
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not a link but personal experience...i was on a trampoline in about 6th grade with other girls and i fell down and one girl's jump knocked my on my back while another girl jumped on my hair and pulled alot of it out. it could have been worse. i don't think they are safe with one jumper. i would stick to your rules for your son. broken bones...ect. are alot worse than following rules
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As a Paramedic (the next thing next to seat belt/car seat non/miss use) is those darn tampolines. I have seen a few really bad fractures. arms and legs.

Kids get so close to the edge and get their arm/legs caught near or in the springs. My kids would love one (so would I) but it is a risk I am not willing to take.

Have a safe summer!

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Originally Posted by medicmama View Post
As a Paramedic (the next thing next to seat belt/car seat non/miss use) is those darn tampolines. I have seen a few really bad fractures. arms and legs.

Kids get so close to the edge and get their arm/legs caught near or in the springs. My kids would love one (so would I) but it is a risk I am not willing to take.

Have a safe summer!

My husband is a paramedic too, and this is something that we really thought about. We decided that as long as the netting was all around the tramp, and we made rules about how many kids and what ages jump together that it was ok. This is our 3rd summer with a trampoline, and we've never had an injury. I think it's really about what you feel safe with.
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We love our trampoline and we let multiple kids jump at the same time. BUT.. there are also neighborhood children who we do not allow on our trampoline at all because they don't jump in control. I know my kids and we've had the trampoline for 6 years without injury.

It is used for many things besides jumping- we read, wrestle, eat, nurse, nap, talk and snuggle, etc. We put the sprinker on it and jump in the rain. We make cool igloos with the snow/ice we take off it. Terrible accidents happen with cars and bikes but I'm not going to keep my children from those items either. Instead we use the control we have and have fun with it.
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i thought it was really dangerous to jump on trampolines when they were wet...isn't it really slick?
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We love our trampoline and do let 2-3 of the same size kids jump at once. We do have a net. I should disclose that right now, my 18 month old has a cast on his broken leg because the older brothers lost their minds and "forgot" about the rules. We are now satisfied that will never happen again, and plan to keep using it.
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we don't have a trampoline, but my kids love them. i don't trust my 6 year old son to know his limits on it because he is all about flips and handstands on the grass as it is (which is bad enough), let alone on the trampoline.

a kid in my sister's town died because of trampoline injuries, and my friend had a teen guest on her trampoline and he broke his neck on her trampoline. i wouldn't feel comfortable having one and would always be worried when they were on it.
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Family rule here: No trampolines, no going to anyone's house with a trampoline, no, no, no.....To me, they're the same level of scary as someone keeping loaded guns between mattresses....Trampolines can be used in a gym with professional supervision only...
I just know of too many dead kids. (three from crawling under them and getting their necks broken when someone came and jumped on the thing). My insurance company won't even do homeowners if we have one. They're just bad mojo.
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How about this: My kids take gymnastics, and the rule at the gym is 1 person at a time on the trampoline because it's dangerous to have more than one. That's straight from the instructor's mouth. A professional, who trains people how to use trampolines the way they are meant to be used.
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Yeah, we gave our trampoline away because both my husband and I think they are too dangerous (we got it for free and so set it up, but then decided not to keep it). We had a rule of only one child at a time and they needed to jump in control, no gymnastics (we had no safety net).

I would not allow my child to play there and definetely no trampoline over there.
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We have one with full net cage around it. I was really hesitant because I remember all the accidents from when I was young, but the net addition really does make it a lot safer. LOL I can't tell you how many times we'd have had a child over the edge, etc. without it! We allow up to 3 children, ages 5-7 on it at once. However there are also rules to be followed, and if not followed no play is allowed. We're going on year 2 with it and have had absolutely no trouble. I'm surprised about the insurance issues, when I called about it I was told that as long as it's in a fenced back yard that has a gate that can lock, or is locked down in some way, then it's not considered any different than say a swimming pool. If "reasonable efforts" are made to keep stray children out, then they were good with it.
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I would never, never, have a trampoline at my house. Ever. And I don't want my kids on them either. My nephew is missing his top teeth and had to have oral surgery after an accident on the trampoline with his brother.
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