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So, the blog carnival idea...

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A while ago there was a discussion of blog carnivals, and several people expressed interest in participating in one. I really like the idea of a carnival to see what other bloggers are doing and to attract readers. I'm wondering whether there's still any interest here?

I'd be willing to co-host one, if someone would volunteer to do it with me. I've been thinking maybe September or October. Maybe October is better. The reason I'm posting this now is that I generally need to think about things for a long time before I do them, and I'd like to use some of summer down time for that.

In terms of themes, I don't know, it could just be one where we introduce our blogs, though I kind of like the idea of a unifying topic. I've been thinking of themes like a day in the life, home/showing off where we live, highlighting cultural or family traditions, or even local foods. I'm not the most imaginative person, so I haven't been able to come up with much else. Any suggestions?

I hope there's some interest...I think this would be fun.

ETA: I'm thinking of the carnival as a one day thing, in which everyone would post on the theme on the same day, rather than the rotating kind of carnival. Which now that I think about it is actually a blog party. So reread this post, substituting party for carnival wherever it appears, then post if you're interested!
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Souds interesting. I would have to get back with you on any theme ideas....
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Sounds like fun!:
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So there is some interest! To anyone else who is interested, but doesn't want to post because they don't want to commit to anything, just think about ideas for a theme over the rest of the summer.
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Maybe a boring idea, but what about a back-to-school, or in the case of home & unschoolers, a not-back-to-school theme?
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No, that's not a boring idea at all...

But I was a college professor and I gave it up to move to Italy and get married. I have no regrets but every autumn I become very nostalgic (and at times even melancholy) about the academic life I no longer have. So it might be a little hard on me to have "back-to-school" as a theme.
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I love this idea. We have some seasonal Fall family traditions that I could blog about and I would like to read about what other families do to celebrate Autumn. I like the back to school (or back to homeschool) theme too though.
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I'd be interested. I'm not sure what your thoughts on co-hosting are, but shoot me a PM and we can chat.

As for a theme, how about just fall celebrations? That could cover back-to-school, the changing seasons, Halloween, and a whole host of religious holidays.
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I like the idea of the fall theme. It's general enough that most people should be able to write something that fits the theme and would at the same time be relevant to their blog. Any other opinions or suggestions?

Amy, I'll send you a PM you during the week.
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I love the Autumn idea! It can be about what that time of years brings for each of us. Perfect.
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Originally Posted by onetruething View Post
Maybe a boring idea, but what about a back-to-school, or in the case of home & unschoolers, a not-back-to-school theme?
i'd love to jump in on this back as dd is tiny i don't really have much to say about bts. i usually post about crafts i've made and happenings around the farm so an autumnal theme may be more doable for us.
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I'd be happy to help and join in. I love the Autumn idea and "A Day in the Life" is also cool because everyone can do it and I love seeing how other people go through their day.
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It looks like Fall/Autumn is the winner.

So, what do we want to call this thing?
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Can someone explain to me again how it actually works?
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Yes. I'd like a refresher on how it works too. I like the autumn them, I'm in:
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I was thinking of a one-day event, in which participants post something on the theme on the same day. The next day there would be a recap post with links to all the participants' posts on the host (and co-host, if applicable) blog.

Sometime before the blog party, the co-host and I would put up a post on our blogs announcing the party, etc. and asking that people who want to participate leave a comment with a link to their blog. That way we could post those links so that everyone would know who was participating and could visit participating blogs the day of the event. (Perhaps participants could also write posts publicizing the party, inviting other bloggers. I was also thinking we could make a badge that people could put in their sidebars if they wanted.) Then, after the participants put up their posts, they'd send one of the co-hosts the link to their party post, so that the final recap post would include links to the party posts rather than just the participating blogs. Or something like that. How does that sound? Does it make sense?

If anyone has any suggestions that would improve or refine that scenario, please post!
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When you're getting ready to post the carnival on your blog, give me a nudge in a PM and I'll make an announcement post in here with the links to the host blogs so we can have an 'ad' for it in here but mod-posted so admin approved. This will be fun!
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I'm not really an active poster in this forum, but I'd love to participate! Any theme is fine with me
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I'd like to join in too
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