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my ds is almost 22 months and was 32.25 inches and 24lbs 4.5 oz at his well baby 2 months ago
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DD is 35 months, 38 inches tall, and 33lbs - she just did one of those crazy fast over night growth spurts. She's RF in a Boulevard. I think we'll be buying a Safety First Complete Air within the month unless some issues come out soon making me second guess the seat as it's so new on the market.
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ds is 19 months in a couple days, and is 20 lbs and 30 inches tall (yes, the size of a 10 month old, LOL!) He'll Rf forever..........
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DS is almost 11 months, and is about 18-19 lbs, and 28-29 inches. He will be rear facing for a very long time still.
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1 month short of age 4, 36ish inches and about 28 lb.
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DS is 21 lbs, 29" tall and almost 10 months old. He's in a True Fit.
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DD is almost 25 mo, weighs 24 lbs and is 36 in tall. She is in a Britax Marathon.
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Dd almost 14 months
22.5 lbs, 31.5 inches
RF Recaro Signo
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Scarlett is 3 years + 4 months. about 28lbs and 36inches.
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15 months
24 pounds
33 inches
Britax Marathon
Perfectly happy
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My son is almost 18 months old, around 26 pounds, and i'm not sure how tall about he has lots of room still in his Britax Blvd. My foster son is 17.5 months old, around 23 pounds, and has lots of room still height wise in his Scenera. The foster daughter i had before him used the same seat, and she was about 23 pounds and 12.5 months old when she left.
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Almost 18 mons
32 lbs fully dressed
Happily in a True Fit
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DS is 39 months 34lbs and 37 inches in a Boulevard awaiting our new 40lb XT.

DD is 13 months 21.5lbs and 29.5 inches in a SafeSeat Step 1.
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Originally Posted by Chiroalltheway View Post
Can you give me the ages, height, and weight of your RFing kids?? Thanks!!
DD is 8.5 months old and rfing in a cosco scenera.

She is 23lbs and 33 inches.
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24.5 months.

RFing in a BLVD.

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I only have one RF child now.

He is 2y7m old, 37" tall and weighs about 31lbs.

He's RF in a True Fit.
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At her last check Alex was 22lb, 30", 12months.
Now she is 14months, 24lbs, and at least an inch or so taller.

She has ages to go RF in her TrueFit. I'm pretty sure she'll make it to three.
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12 months, 20 lbs, and not sure about height, but she is on the second slot in her True Fit.
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K is 26 months, 25lbs and 32"
She rides in a rfing Marathon and Cosco Scenera with lots of room in both!
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DS 27 months 36 inches and 30 pounds rear-facing in a Marathon
DD 4 months 24 inches and 13 pounds rear-facing in a Sceneca
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