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Maternity Photography

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I just got my maternity photography back and the pictures are so beautiful!!! You can see them all at this link


There's 3 pages of photos you can view

It has really made my day to see them! I can't wait to get them printed!

My friend just started a photography business with her boyfriend and they did our pictures for free. I feel so lucky. She is also going to come to our home to do newborn photography whenever this baby decides to make his entrance. I am so excited. We didn't have a chance to do anything like this the first time around.
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Oh what a beautiful family you have! Love the pics of the henna belly.
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Beautiful! Your belly art is absolutely gorgeous.
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ohhh they're gorgeous! how special we just got ours done today but we didn't get to look at any of them today... seeing yours makes me so excited to see mine! i loved how yours were all outside, they look just great! thanks so much for sharing the link!
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Beautiful pictures! Your son is so cute!
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wow! great pics!!
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You look familiar to me...and I see you're in Ohio also...wonder if we've met before??
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You are a beautiful mama and your family is so lovely! What precious memories to have!
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thanks ladies I am so in love with these pictures.

Can't wait to have some newborn photography done whenever Mica decides to make his entrance!

2boysmama: I haven't been around the dayton area very much.... have you ever spent time in zanesville? I used to go to ekoostik hookah shows all the time.. maybe we met there??
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