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My post partum bleeding gradually got lighter until I was just spotting at 5 weeks pp. Now I'm 6, almost 7 weeks pp and bleeding heavily. It's like period bleeding. This isn't officially a period, is it? I vaguely remember this happening after I had my son almost 2 years ago. Isn't it normal? I really hope so. I cannot have my period back already! I'm tandem nursing!
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I had that happen two pregnancies ago and it ended up being my period...
I hope this isn't the case for you!!!
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Well I'm still bleeding and it's very period-like but I refuse to believe this is my period. It just can't be! Besides, I had this with my son and then no period again until he was 10 months. Hoping for something similar this time.
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I really hope this is just a fluke for you.
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