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Unassisted birth in New York state

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Forgive me if this question has been asked and answered before. In NYS, I have heard that in the hospital, you cannot refuse Vitamin K and eye drops. If you do, they call CPS.

My question is: What happens to those who birth unassisted? Does the "back-up" OB call CPS when they find out that you had the baby at home and did not have the Vit K and eye drops? What if you were to take the baby to a pediatrician? Will they call CPS or administer the drops and injection at the first visit?

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I would hope that's not true. Forcing parents to make their newborns undergo painful, most of the time needless procedures would be way too close to a police state for me (though we are closer than I'm comfortable with). I would seriously check into the validity of that! I gave birth to my daughter in a hospital in Ohio and they threatened to call CPS because I was refusing the vit. k and the hep b shots. I told them I was breast feeding so she had plenty of vitamins, and she wasn't an IV drug user or sexually active yet so she didn't need to worry about hep B for awhile. Thank goddess my mom was there and went off on the doctor. Nothing ever happened.... my daughter didn't get any of their standard newborn torments and no one called anyone. I think mostly it's just scare tactics. Fear is fundamental to social control.
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I did a Google search and found another post on this.

I still don't know the answer to this though because the mothers who posted gave birth with either a midwife or in the hospital. I'll probably ask the potential pediatricians I am going to meet.
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I'm pretty sure in each state you can simply sign a waiver saying it's against your religious beliefs, just like vaccines. i am also pretty sure you don't have to have proof of such things to go and get a birth certificate, only proof that you were pregnant. not a lot of people UC, so I don't think as of yet they've thought to make a lot of legislation in regards to it.
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The way it read to me was that the OBs, Midwifes & Hospitals are required to administer the Vitamin K and Eye drops within 1 hour of birth, and the law doesn't allow for a waiver.

If you are UCing this really wouldn't apply to you as you (likely) don't have access to those medications. I suppose you may face difficulties if you see a care provider immediately following the birth, however that wouldn't be information I'd just volunteer " Oh yeah and we didn't administer Vitamin K or do Eye drops" because it would put the Pediatrician in a difficult situation where they would risk their license by not then administering meds.

However, after a certain point it becomes moot because the eye drops are meant to protect the child from any possible infections passed from the mother while in the birth canal and the Vitamin K is like a booster until the baby is able to provide enough on their own. So if you were to delay that first Pediatrician visit until 1 week or so post birth, I can't imagine it being an issue.

Also in speaking with the Pediatrician or other CP I would simply say that I had a Homebirth rather than saying I had an Unassisted Homebirth (Peds/CPs will assume you had a MW unless you tell them otherwise and would probably assume Vitamin K and Eye drops were administered by her as well.)
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Thanks, that really helps! My husband and I are preparing for a UC but not telling anyone else about it.
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I know this is an old post but the NYS law is only for if you give birth in a hospital or birth center. The law is a sanitary law and doesn't apply to babies born at home.

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