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Bodhi's birth story

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Very long birth story, even though the entire labor was only 2 hours .

I remember waking up a few times early in the morning with cramping, but I've had prodromal labor for the past 3+ weeks so I didn't think much of it. I was having a dream about DH and my mom filling up the birth tub and woke up with a pretty strong contraction. I woke up DH at 4:45 am and we went downstairs. At that point I wasn't sure I was in labor yet. He made me some tea and started getting out the birth supplies. I had a couple contractions that were strong enough that I was leaning over the counter breathing through them, so I had him call the midwife and I went upstairs and woke up my mom. Scarlett got up with her, and my mom and DH got the pool and started filling up the tub. The contractions at this point were about 3 minutes apart and lasting about 60 seconds. I was sitting on the floor between contractions, then I'd turn and lean on the couch and breathe through contractions when they came. Susie (my MW) arrived about 5:45 and suddenly the contractions really slowed down to every 5 minutes, lasting 30 seconds or so, and I was getting worried that I wasn't really in labor. About 6 am they started picking up again, and I started vocalizing with the contractions. Susie took my vitals and checked the baby's heart rate with the doppler, and I got in the tub. Everyone was great--my mom was on the couch holding Scarlett, who was very calm and just watching; DH was sitting next to me getting me water and cold washcloths, and the MWs were sitting at the table doing paperwork. Everything was very calm and peaceful .

As soon as I got in the tub, the contractions really picked up in intensity and I was vocalizing through them. I heard Scarlett say "mama says 'ohhhhh'". It was so sweet having here there . Anyway, at almost 7 am I started getting the panicky feeling and knew I was almost done. I whined for a bit and those few contractions were pretty brutal. At this point my body was pushing with the contractions and I could feel his head moving down slowly. I had wicked back labor, and DH was pushing on my back to apply counterpressure. With one contraction I remember pooping and knew it was getting close. With the next contraction I put my hand down and could feel his head starting to crown. Once his head popped out it was such a relief that I kept saying "that feels so much better" . I was still on my hands and knees so I maneuvered around so I was leaning back in the tub. It was a bit odd moving and then sitting there with his head hanging out, since both girls were born with one contraction. I had my hand on his head and I could feel his little mouth moving. After a couple of minutes I could feel another contraction building, and his water broke. Another push and his shoulders were out. I reached down and pulled him up on my chest. It was so cool .

He gave one quick cry right after birth, and had a very good heart rate but was pale and limp and didn't really try to breathe beyond a few gasps here and there. I rubbed him with a towel and the MW gave him oxygen for a few minutes and by 10 minutes he was pink and doing great.

Everything is going great; he's nursing like a champ and my milk is in now, so he's a very happy boy!
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that is great I love that your little one wasn't scared by your vocalizing!
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What a fabulous birth story! Congratulations, and welcome Bodhi!
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: What a great birth story, thanks for sharing!
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Awesome story, mama!
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OMG Congrats Again Mama!

UM can I just say that is so funny because Millee did the same thing! Her head was smaller then her shoulders so it came first and I remember her just hanging there for another two contractions and it was so weird! But very cool! I am so happy for you guys! I wish we could see our little babies! We miss you guys!:
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What a great story and entrance into the world for sweet baby Bodhi!! Welcome and enjoy life as a family of 5!! :
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