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Feeling movement yet?

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I swear I just felt the baby kick! The dog was laying on my stomach & the baby gave him 2 gentle kicks & the dog jumped & moved away! He thought I did it! He looked at me all crazy. I am 13 weeks. Anyone else feeling movement already.
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I felt some movement at 10 wks and thought I was crazy. Then this week I felt it again but more distinct and I knew it was the baby. Definitely nothing that would be felt on the outside but it was cool to know I felt my baby so early. I honestly was skeptical of all the women that said they felt their babies move so early, but just goes to show me, my little peanut is definitely giving me taps!
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no, I'm really getting anxious about it too. I'm 17 weeks now, this is my 4th pregnancy. I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks with the last one. I need the near constant reassurance that kicking brings. and I need it soon.
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I am feeling movements (I am about 16 wks), but only when I am not trying to feel them. It seems the WO knows when I am still and looking for the movements, so she is quiet and hiding at that time. Only when I am busy and active does she move around.

I love the quiet moments when you lay down and just "listen" to the little one move around. I can't wait until she will move when I am looking for it.
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dp has felt a few little taps here and there starting earlier this week.

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I'm 14w3d and not feeling anything distinctly baby yet. Mostly gas . I didn't feel movement until 17w5d with my dd, so I don't expect to feel anything for another two weeks or so.
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Everytime I think I feel something, it turns out to be gas
So, no flutters here yet.
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This is my 2nd pregnancy. I am 15 weeks and I haven't felt any movement yet. I REALLY want to start feeling the little one move.
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Well here I am, approaching 16 weeks and yes, I've felt flutters and buzzing and rolling for over a week now for sure. I started off as I usually do with the "buzzing" sensation, then in my 14th week, it turned into something a bit more tangible.

So yes - but I know what you mean when you say you only feel movement when you're not trying! That, combined with the weakness of the movements and sometimes it feels so tiny and then you wait for it to happen again...sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't lol
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I'm 18 weeks and don't feel a lot of movement. Every couple days. It seems like I felt more movement in the earlier weeks. I have an anterior placenta, so that makes it harder to feel movement. The movements are muffled. :sigh:

I was told not to expect to feel movement consistently until maybe 22 weeks. I think I had a posterior placenta with my other babies.
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Yes, but it is very sporadic.
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Nothing yet

I haven't felt any movement yet. I'm 13 weeks into my first pregnancy and I've started losing my 1st trimester symptoms, but haven't "popped" or felt movement or anything baby yet. It's weird because it's easy to forget that I'm actually pregnant. Looking forward to feeling movement for some reassurance that everything in there is fine.
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I am 16 weeks and thought I felt a few taps a couple days ago. I thought maybe it was wishful thinking, but early this morning I caught some flutters and I am pretty sure this was baby and not intestinal churning. :
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Here and there I have felt some little flutters I know it will be a few more weeks till I am feeling a lot.
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I started feeling little flutters at about 13 weeks. I am now 15 wks 4 days and now I can definetly feel taps, but just when I don't try to feel them.

But last night we got into bed, and I kept telling my hubby that I coldn't wait until he felt the baby move. So when she sarted kicking around I took his hand and he was able to feel about 3 kicks...you should of seen the look on his face...priceless...he kept saying "I felt my baby!!!" ::
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At 17 weeks I think I felt something here and there, but it is hard to tell still. This is my first pregnancy, so I'm not certain about anything.
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I've been feeling occasional movement for a couple weeks now. it's not soft little flutters either, its very sharp and jarring ie jump out of your seat type of movement.
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Nothing distinct yet. Everything is possibly gas. I felt movement at 16 weeks exactly with my son, and I will be 15 weeks in a couple of days, so hopefully soon!
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I thought I did a couple weeks ago, but it was so early I wouldn't believe it and I haven't felt anything since. Though, at this time in my last pregnancy even my husband could feel the kicks. When I did think I felt it a couple weeks ago I was laying on my stomach for a prolonged time getting a massage. I wondered if the baby was just like "Hey mom! I am getting a little squished here. Move already!"
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