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last week I felt a few VERY distinct "kicks" (or pokes or whatever, who knwos what body part it was at this stage?), and I think i've maybe felt something that was possibly baby since then, but nothing for sure.

I can ONLY feel anything if I'm laying on my back and being very still- like, when I'm tryign to fall asleep. So sometimes I'm not sure if I'm dreaming it or not (you know that half awake/ half asleep stage where you can dream the things that you want to happen?)
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Small taps

In the lower uterus where I know there are no intestines. Just every couple'a'days.
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I'm feeling lots of movement - kicks and rolls all over the place. Started feeling flutters at 12 weeks, I'm 16 today, but I'm measuring about 4 weeks ahead. DH really wants an ultrasound, as twins run in my family.
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Nope, nothing yet!
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i have felt a fluttering one time, but that's all. i'm kind of looking forward to feeling more.
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Nothing yet, but I'm only 14 weeks. I don't expect to really feel any movement for another month.
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Little taps/bumps, and an occasional rolllll. They started around 16 weeks, but only every few days and only at bedtime when I was lying still. Now they're a little more frequent -- maybe once a day now? -- but still only when I'm reclining, esp at bedtime. (Ah yes, I remember this now from last time -- you lie down, exhausted, to sleep, and that's when the little darlings perk up and KICK you.)

Still, I luuurrrrrrrve this part. Bring on the kicks!
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nope, and i really wanna! hopefully soon.
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I have the random tap here and there. They're distinct from the feeling of gas and low in my abdomen, but still really infrequent. I'm only about 14 weeks, but I'm getting impatient for more regular movement! Of course, in a few months I'll probably be wishing for some relief from the bumps and thumps.
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If I lay on my tummy, I feel a few little flutters - more definite this morning that was not followed by gas so I am sure that is what it is. I am sure it will continue to be sporadic. I felt my 1st at 16 wks and I am midway through my 15th week so right on schedule I think! :
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