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Paxton is here!

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Well, after all of those wks of sucky prodromal labor, I kind of had a sucky birth too. No pain meds, but severe BACK LABOR and an episotomy to top it off, b/c Paxton was a big baby (compared to my other two). Anyway, Paxton was born yesterday at 5:31pm, 8 lbs, 9 oz (my other two babies were waaaaay smaller), he has a head full of hair and big bulldog cheeks. He's nursing like a champ, but frustrated that my milk hasn't come in yet. I convinced the ob and ped to let me go home after 24 hrs. So, at least I am home. Baby will need to be seen at the ped's office tomorrow (just routine if they are released before 48 hrs), but so far is otherwise healthy.
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Congratulations, mama!
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Congrats!! Welcome earthside little one
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: Congratulations, mama! Welcome, Baby Paxton! s to you mama!
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Congratulations! I bet you are so glad to meet your little (big) guy at last!
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congrats mama! Happy babymooning! Sorry about the episiotomy
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Congrats! I bet your milk will come in soon.
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Congrats Mama! Welcome baby! :
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Welcome Paxton! Sorry you feel your birth was "sucky"... I hope you have a lovely, calm and happy baby to make up for it! Enjoy this time and I hope you heal really quickly! :
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Congratulations! Love the name! :
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congrats mama!
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