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birthcenter picnic

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Just after I posted my 2 month update, I checked my email and found an evite for the birthcenter annual picnic, which has brought up allsorts of emotions in me.

I don't really feel things ended well with my midwives, I really liked the care I got from them, but when I decided I needed to talk with an ob about my situation, it took 4 weeks for them to get to the point of me being able to call and make an appointment, by which point we'd called in favours and got in with another ob, we got home from the first appointment to find the message on the answer machine that we could call and make the appointment.

That message was the last contact we had with them, my husband left at least one message for them, keeping them informed of what was going on. The last appointment I had with one of them, which was whilst linking up with their ob was supposed to be happening was really cold, nothing positive was said like please ring and tell us when you've had your baby.

I tried to put all this behind me and just accept that they let us down, what they answered our questions with when we posed all the "what ifs" was not what in actuality happened. They probably should not have even taken me on, due to a rare disorder I have, but they never even mentioned it.

Do I go to the picnic and let them meet my baby and find out what happened, or do I just keep trying to put this to the back of my mind?
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I would probably go, especially if you made any friends with other moms. You can always leave if you aren't having a good time.
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