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Hello everyone it is great that you all have such healthy happy babies!

I have a question that I would like your opinion on. I am at 41 weeks on Sun and I had an ultrasound yesterday and NST and while he is lookin' good his estimated fetal weight is about 11.5 lbs!

Now I know how off those estimates can be- they said 1.5 lbs +/-, but that still put him pretty big, and the "recommendation" at this point is a c-section.

I was very upset by this news. Soo I have an appt with an OB on Mon, and with my MW. I just don't know what to do. I haven't had ANY real signs of labor- very mild cramps, no strong contractions, no bloody show. Right now I am 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I know inducing would be brought up on Mon regardless of his weight.

I just not sure if it's better to induce with all those drugs, labor forever and possibly end up w/a c-section anyways if things don't get moving, or just do the c-section. I really don't feel like I will be going into labor naturally anytime soon unless it happens hard and fast out of the blue.

So WWYD? Try to induce? Everything I've found online has been like "yeah they said he was 9 lbs so I had a c-section..." if he was at 9 lbs I would for sure be like no way! But 11+ is kinda freaky I have to admit. I know I am strong and have been planning a water birth this whole time- but I worry about both of our health and safety.

TIA for any opinions you would like to share.
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I would not opt for a c section right away because of a proposed weight. There is no reason why you couldn't birth an eleven lb'er unless you have an abnormally small pelvis. Is your baby engaged? And yes ultrasounds can be way off. You could begin with natural induction methods first. A friend of mine, who is a very small woman, was told at 39 weeks that her baby was only around 5lbs and that they were very concerned about the babies growth. She went into labor a few days later and naturally birthed a 13 lb babe. The ultrasound she had was that far off. Stick with your water birth and be empowered in your bodies ability to bring that babe naturally into this world.
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Ultrasound measurements are notoriously wrong at this point.
I had a 11lb baby and nobody was able to guess that.
And a 8lb baby everybody thought was going to be a lot bigger...

I personally would NOT have a c-section.
And that's after having had a shoulder dystocia scare for 2 minutes last time - I pushed her out with the next contraction when I shifted my body, so it was no problem after all.
Just make sure not to labor on your back.
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I birthed a 10 lb, 15 ounce baby at home in our tub and she was 9 days late. It did hurt, but it was a very fast intense labor, that was over before I had time to think too much. I would also start some natural induction methods. Walking a lot is what I think ultimately helped me. I also did some evening primrose on my cervix.
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My younger brother was 13lb 10oz at home, unassisted without any complications (other than a tear..but that can happen with any size baby I think.

I would try to labor, baby may not even be very big--and if your baby is big, you may be able to do a lot more than you think.
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When I went in for my 41 week ultrasound, I was told they can't even determine size at that point so they didn't even guesstimate baby's size. Not sure how accurate baby's size is that late but that's what I was told.

I have also had a number of friends that were told their baby's were a certain weight only to have the u/s off by quite a bit...in both directions, especially at the end of pregnancy.

I don't know what you should do, trust your instincts. I also just birthed an 11 lber and it was an amazing, empowering experience. Women's bodies are amazing!
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It is of course your own personal decision based on your feelings, but for myself I have to say that even though my birth ended in a c-section due to a breech I feel better knowing that I did labor before we got there. It is good to know that I got through at least 90% of the birth on my own, even if I didn't get to finish. I personally would want to at least try. Weight measurements can be WAY off. While I was recuperating in the hospital after my birth I met another first time mom who had ended up with a c-section because they told her the baby was too big to birth and her baby ended up being 5 lbs. So I would say do what feels right to you but don't let them scare you into a choice based on a weight estimate.

(Also as was mentioned already there are some good forms of natural inducement that you could try)
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Thanks for the support gals!

This is exactly what I was hoping you would say- I just needed a dose of clear thinking. I was so upset when they said c-section I was crying and things felt futile. Of couse I'm SUPER hormonal right now and all ready frustrated by being "overdue".

But I won't give up! I am a tall woman- 6'3", and my family history has a lot of big baby boys- uncle 13 lbs, dad 11 lbs, brother 10 lbs. So the big part wasn't such a shock I just didn't realize after smooth "typical" pregnancy this would be an issue.

I haven't been scared or worried about labor this whole pregnancy, and I'm just going to work on my inner strength and peace and not let numbers decide how this is going to be. My body dosen't feel like anthing is wrong right now- maybe I will be lucky
and just have a sudden dramatic labor.

Anyways, you guys are great. Thank you so much- I knew you would give me strength and I will be thinking of you when the time comes!!
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I personally would totally ignore their weight estimate and continue waiting for labor. I wouldn't induce either. (((hugs)))
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