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Macrobid, UTI's and breastfeeding

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I just found out from my midwife that I have a UTI. Long story short - apparently my urine test from the hospital when I gave birth (10 weeks ago) came back pos for a UTI, but the nurses missed it and I was never treated. Fast-forward to my post partum check up last week, I mentioned that I had some tenderness around that area and the MW finally saw those urine results. She did another culture on Wednesday and I spoke w/ her about it a few days ago. She said that I'm below the usual threshold for being considered a UTI (100,000 count), but one of the types of bacteria present was e.coli, which she says should always be treated w/ antibiotics, no matter the count.

So anyway...that wasn't so short. She prescribed macrobid and I haven't started taking it yet. I'm on the fence because I'm breastfeeding, don't have enough pumped milk in my "reserve" to supplement for the full three days, not to mention, I know the ab's will be in my system long after I'm done with the actual dose, so...I'm concerned about passing them on to DD. Especially these days with the flu bug getting worse, I'm concerned about doing anything to her or to me that might compromise our immune responses.

I'm also not symptomatic for a UTI (and I've had them before so I do know what they feel like).

any suggestions on alternative treatments? I'm taking a supplement now called "Cranlogic" which is cranberry plus acidophillus...and loading up on fresh juiced veggies (carrots, chard/kale, celery plus garlic).

I would much rather treat this myself, but am worried I won't know how the treatment is working, since I don't have any symptoms to go by...

Thanks for any advice you can offer!
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Our doctor recommended d-mannose for e. coli uti's.
Will they test again after treatment to make sure it's cleared out?

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Homeopathic cantharis.

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You say you're not symptomatic but you said that you had tenderness, which was why they tested you the second time... so you may in fact have symptoms, just different than you normally do.

Was it a clean catch specimen? Because if it wasn't, then it could have been contaminated anyway, and e. coli is the most likely for it to be contaminated with.
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