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intake/output sheets

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Does anyone know where to find some user friendly I/O sheets for a preemie or infant who is formula fed? I googled forever and didn't find much.

We have a new foster daughter who is an ex-26 week preemie, now 1 month adjusted. We are having a rough time finding the right combination of formula, thickener, and reflux meds so I'd like to keep more thorough record until we figure it out. Thanks!

FYI: I'm ok with a tube feed column, since that may be what we will have to do if she doesn't start gaining weight.
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Aww, I cant help with the sheets, but I hope she starts gaining weight. I wonder, does the state have rules on using donor milk? I know its odd since shes a foster child, but she might do better on breastmilk and you may be able to get a prescription for it and have it covered by medicaid-and I would think the state wouldnt have as much of an issue with that either.

Also, is she on preemie formula? Is it possible thats the reason for her reflux and such? I know my ds did NOT do well on preemie formula. He went to breastmilk and did great, but later I switched him to Similac Organic (and then to Similac Advance) and he did fine on both. That might've been age though. I know the goal is to get more calories in, but if she's throwing/spitting up a lot, she might get more calories with something that isnt upsetting her stomach so much. That and getting the right amount of reflux meds.

Anyway, good luck, hopefully someone will have the sheets you need!
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I don't know the rules but knowing the case workers and higher ups my chances are nill. BF'ing awareness in my state is very lacking. Believe me, if I thought there was any chance parental rights could be terminated I would be working on re-lactating right now.

She is on Enfacare 22 cal. We tried Prosobee and then realized she was stooling out because of the Thick-it. So now we are using rice cereal and back on Enfacare 22 cal.

She's actually not a spitter. She just turns blue and her 02 sats plummet. She has to be completely ravenous for us to get her to eat- about four hours between feeds.

She is typically super alert so I don't feel like it's sleepiness, it's just painful (reflux) and hard work (Chronic Lung Disease). We're working on it. I actually have my bachelor's in Speech Pathology and have seen a fair share of preemies with poor coordination and endurance, but it's a whole other story when you are responsible for all day every day care. It's exhausting.
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