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Sugar, sugar, sugar!

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I have serious sugar cravings. I drink maybe a quart of juice a day, and sometimes I have a can or two of soda as well. I also love to bake, which doesn't help, and I eat a lot of ice cream. (Strangely enough, I drink my coffee black.)

I have rarely been able to go a whole day without at least three sugary treats. Has anyone else dealt with this? What could I do so that I can start having whole days without sugar?

(I also love pasta and chicken, and broccoli too, I just don't like to cook it. Mexican food is great - pretty much anything with cheese!)
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I'm a total cheese and sugar junkie,too! I was pretty much vegan before preggo with Willow and now we eat like crap! I cant figure out what's up with my body.
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oooooooooo I have made 2 cakes in the past week! One devils food with an incredible dutch cocoa glaze, and the other a lemon sponge with lemon cream cheese glaze.....Both gone in less than 24 hours!!! (Ok so with teens in the house, I suppose that isnt so bad) But I CRAVE cake, cookies, pie, custard, chocolate and candy 24/7!!!!! Now I have heard that if you take one bite all the calories spill out so you can eat the rest guilt free, and that if it starts with a c it has no calories...Is this correct?
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Brownies, cookies, chocolate! I am powerless over chocolate. I admit it.
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But the weird thing with me is that I never used to crave these things at all.Now I'm a junk food junkie.But I find when I eat lots of protien,I dont crave junk so much.I dont know why that is.The worst part is that I'm hypoglycemic so i always feel like a bucket of puke after I eat it.But it doesnt stop me from doing it again.I cant figure out how the heck to get eating healthy again!
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Well, the bad news is that when you eat some, it causes you to just crave more later.
Being hypo means that you need more protein, and to eat more regularlily. If you crave sugar, try to eat protein first. Then see if you still crave any sugar. I keep a bag of nuts in the car, in my bag, in my bedroom, in the kithcen- etc.
I think Dr Sears 's nutrition book has really good and easy explanations of why people crave things, and what ahppens when you eat diff. stuff chemically in you body. I also like Dr. Weil. Both have websites.
I want to stress the importance of being sugar free and being hypo or hyper glycemic. In general, the condition will just get worse the more sugar you eat, the longer. It can become even more dibilitating than, I am sure, it already is.
While you are weanign, try eating fruits, and dried fruits to curb the cravings. Its still sugar, but better for you. Also, when drinking juice, drink juice that doesnt have sugar, and comes with the pulp. The pulp helps slow down the sugar absorption in your bloodstream.
Good Luck!
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Any suggestions on self-control?
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totally squirrel! if you are deficient in protein your body craves that instant energy as a second best. i had this when pregnant, and it was cured quickly by eating more protien on a regular basis. some veggie friends of mine and i have talked about this a few times, and we all confessed to the occasional sugar crave if we know we have not been into enough protein. so whatever you like for protein, eat more of it. you will feel better! also, here in new england when it is cold and grey and we are somewhat trapped inside we get a bit lethargic and want more sugar and carbs and caffeine! this is remedied by outdoor exercise. i started walking every day for just a half hour with my son in the carriage 6 months ago, and it has changed my life. i have tons more energy and onlycrave healthy stuff (for the most part! my fave junk food is pringles) so i know if i want the junky food or more caffeine it is time to kick myself out the door...
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I have always had a sweet tooth, but it has been really bad since ds was born. I keep saying I want to reign it in. I eat very healthy otherwise. Interesting info about the protein though. I do eat vegetarian quite often, so I will check that out.
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I have horrible sugar cravings But, when I eat more protein and fat, they go away, I don't even have to fight myself.....
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Candida causes the body to crave sugar. Try to eliminate diary products and sweets for a while and take accidulpholis.

Carrots are a great substitute for a sugar craving. They are sweet and the body uses the sugar very fast. Great for hypoglycemia episodes.
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I'm an all or nothing kind of person. I did great with the Atkins diet, but when I have carbs again, I overindulge. And there is no such thing as one cookie. Especially if they are either homemade or PC Raspberry Cream thingies, can't think of the proper name.
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This may or may not have anything to do with anything, but...(forgive me...sick DD, low on sleep )

I read something once that I've always wanted to know more about. The article said that sugar and alcohol are very closely related. And with myself, my mother was an alcoholic and a sugar addict. With being pregnant and having three small children, I don't have the alcoholism problem because I chose to not touch the stuff at all, but I have a horrible problem with sugar and chocolate. It makes me able to understand why mom always said if alcohol was even in the house, she had no power within herself to not drink it. I feel the same way, only with sugar.

Interesting. Any comments?
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One thing I've noticed, is that I had more of a sweet tooth when I was pregnant and a bit more now that I'm nursing. I mentioned the other day to someone and she said she'd heard other women say that before. Could it be related?
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wow...sugar! I'm guilty of cravings too...it helps me to keep in mind that sugar is a WHITE POWDER substance...it really is!!!! It's very addicting and you get highs and lows from it.
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Yesterday I had a lot of sugar - 2 cans of soda, pie, ice cream, cookies - but today all I've had (sugar-wise) is some grape juice, 100% though, and a little bit of honey on toast. It works really well for me to just not have sugar in the mornings. I usually still have a little bit later in the day, but not excessive like yesterday. It's just that sometimes I tell myself, "OK, I'm having ice cream for breakfast but it'll be OK! I won't go on a binge!" Kind of like alcoholics with their "just one beer" thing.
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Nutrition Action! helped me with a nice ice-cream suggestion.

Now instead of having ice-cream with berries I will have berries with ice-cream (one scoop, they say, I overdo ) and some good shaved chocolate. You're in Oregon - you can get quality Belgian half-kilos at Trader Joe's which are impossible to EAT (ie CHEW OFF THE BAR) - but are nicely shaveable. They also carry inexpensive organic frozen berries. Elegant treat with good nutrition value, not junk like soda pop, and still satisfies the sweet tooth.

Have you tried STevia?
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First, I love sweets. Since changing to vegan diet, I have fewer cravings and commercial stuff doesn't even taste good. So, I make breakfast bars (gave out recipe on another thread), drink small amounts of juice thru the day. I always dilute juice with water-approximately 1/3 to 1/2 c juice to 2 c water. maybe this will help. ??????????
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Hey this sounds just like me.......I have been told that if you cut all sugar out of your diet for like two weeks you quit craving it. I tried it once and lost 5 lbs....haven't tried it in a long time.

I have also heard that you crave what you are allergic to....anyone else heard that?
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craving what's not good for you

I believe Doris Rapp has a book on allergies that states among other things that some people crave what they are allergic to. It works with sensitivities too, according to our healthcare practitioner, and I can testify from my experience - I sometimes like once in two-three months get weird cravings to drink straight milk in quantity. I am mildly lactose intolerant and feel crummy in my stomach after that. Even more weirdly, when I (infrequently) drink milk without a craving, like it just happens to be available, I do not feel ill afterwards. May be quantity is the culprit.

BTW in terms of true (as opposed to household sense of the word) allergy - we can't be allergic to sugar since it's a simple carb.
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