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I don't know what's wrong with these boards, I'm not receiving my e-mail replies.

I have tried Stevia once in this kind of really expensive organic sports drink and I didn't like it. It's possible it would be better in other things, like baked goods, I'm just a little skeptical of sugar substitutes, you know?

I've never been able to go without sugar for more than 2 days. I suppose if I can do it for 2 days, than theoretically I can do it for any length of time.

When you stop eating sugar, is it possible to have a little bit on the holidays, or is it like alcohol where you have to totally stop forever or you start craving it all the time again?
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Here's what has always helped my sugar cravings:

1 TBSP organic peanut butter
Organic baby carrots

Dip carrots in peanut butter.

Maybe it is the protien in the peanut butter, I don't know, but I substitute this snack whenever I crave sugar and then I don't crave it anymore.
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okay, I am speaking from a TCM perspective (since this is my profession...).
Too much sugar/sweets impairs the Spleen. When the Spleen is weak/imbalanced, it craves sugar...(catch 22)
To strengthen the spleen/overcome sugar addictions, first step is to quit cold turkey. Next is to have a bit of protien at each craving. Also, try to eat plenty of warm foods- steamed vegis, soups, tea, rice, casseroles, etc..
Good luck! I know it's hard!!
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