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Suggestions for a site?

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Hey guys. This is Eric, and i don't know if you guys remember me. Well i've been busy, cuz i finally got a job working as a host/busboy at a diner. Lots of fun, and i've been flying some, and also trying to inform people on circ.

Just today i gave one of my friends in my math class a cd i put together with the biggest circ video i could find,and tons of links and articles, and my own pleading document. It wasn't for her, cuz she's only 17, but it was for her older sister. I found out that her sister could have her baby boy anytime this month, and she doesn't know if her sister will circ, but i thought this is a perfect time to inform them. So hopefully, she'll watch it, and choose not to do it. Only time will tell i guess. Also, yesterday, we were talking about getting my kitten neutered, ( i don't think it's good, but my family is VERY for it, but i can see where they're coming from, guess it just hits a sore spot with me cuz it reminds me of circ ), and Skye ( the girl i gave the video to, also my ex-girlfriend from 8th grade, lol ) said why are you getting him neutered when you're so against circ, and she couldn't have said it any louder, and the whole math class was dead silent, and i was like damn, so the whole class looked at me, and they were like what, circumcision? What the hell? And one of my friends, heard it and said did you know that most doctors don't use anesthetic for circ. and i was like hell yea, someone knows whats up. So then we talked a little about it.

Also, my best friend, the pilot one i think i mentioned before, and i were flying, and i was like dude, what do you think about circumcision, and he was like huh? So i asked him if he was circ'd, and he WASN'T! I was so relieved, and i thought it was hella cool that my best friend was intact too, and he was totally against circ, and some kids flicked us crap at school, and mind this, we're in 11th grade at highschool, and there are tons of a$$holes there, and one of em said hey Eric isn't circumcised to the whole lunch table of about 20 people, and it kinda caught me offguard, but i ended up turning it around on him and everyone else, and they were like damn, why did my parents get me circumcised. Bastards always try to make fun of me for it, but i always turn it around on them. Stupid hicks.

Anyways, sorry for rambling so much, i just had to get this off my chest!

The reason i posted this is because a computer site i visit daily, one of the members is offering a killer deal on hosting websites, and i want to make a website about circ. I wanted suggestions for names of the site though, that would be easy to remember and catchy. I want to make it the greatest site ever. I want to use my site to stop circumcisions. However, this isn't guaranteed that the site will work out yet, we need mroe people to sign up, but besides that, what do you think would be some good names?
All i have right now is infantcircumcision.com
I tried all the circumcision.com one's, but they're all taken

So, thx for listening to my ramblings, hope everyone is doing well, and i'd appreciate any suggestions!

Thx guys,
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How about-- www.dontcirc.org ?
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Hmmm.... I like that one
Thx for the suggestion, and keep em coming please

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Hmmm.....did a search, these are available in all sorts of .com .net .org .info permutations, how about


circisevil (although you'd probably get people thinking you were an animal rights activist who can't spell : )

circiswrong (ditto, but still )




Good to hear you're spreading the word! I think you're doing a world of good educating your friends, who will remember when it comes time to have kids (hopefully not too soon!)

I have to say, though, you're doing the right thing getting your kitty neutered. Millions and millions of animals are put to death every year in this country because they don't have homes. If you left your kitty intact, he could grow up to father literally hundreds of kittens, most of whom would probably be put to death or otherwise live short and miserable lives. I don't think it's the same thing as circumcision at all.

PETA agrees: check out this link. You should also strongly consider keeping your kitty indoors only, both for his health and safety and that of wild birds and other small animals.
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i think short, sweet, and easy to spell should be priorities. (yes, i remember you! keep up the good work!)

i do like dontcirc.org too.

genitalmutilationsucks.org ? maybe not.

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Hey Eric,

How about something geared for the soon-to-be-parenting generation (i.e. teens)? Maybe you can come up with something catchy as I'm probably a little out of touch with what terms are "hip" now

Howbout "teensforanintactnation.org" or just "intactnation.org"? or "teensforgenitalintegrity.org"?

What about "handsoffthedicks.org"...ok, probably going a little too far there

I like the "boystoo.com" site...maybe something along the lines of "hisbodyhischoice.com"?

I think it would be refreshing to see the younger generation address this subject amongst themselves and speaking their minds. It could go a long way to dispell the "locker room" and "women prefer circ" myths that abound.

Keep up the great work!


Lindsey (96/02/26)
Jason (00/06/08)
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Thx guys for the responses, I really appreciate them.
I know that it's good for the cat to be neutered but just doesn't feel right to me, but what the hell.

Regarding PETA<, why do so many people hate them. I was thinking about joining them, as I'm now a vegetarian, and hoping to be vegan by summer, and i know that they're pretty extreme sometimes, but o well. I saw that video, and i thought it was kinda weird, but they have a point.

I really like dontcirc.org, but since dontcirc.com is available, wouldn't that be easier to remember? Thoughts?

THx again,
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I love it, but would people just look down on a site like that?
And the younger generation is a great idea, and i could set up a forum/message board like this one, and damn that'd be just perfect
Well, if/when the hosting deal goes through,i will start working on this site. Probably take a couple months with work and school, but hopefully it'll be an awesome interactive site for teens or upcoming parents.

Great ideas, keep em coming

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handsofthedicks.... I * guess * that would work for Teens, but not adults who are new parents.

how about dontcutthebaby.com

I like hisbodyhischoice.com
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How about circsucks.com
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Re: .org vs .com:

.com is probably easier to remember. But, "com" tends to stand for "company," as if you are going to make money from the site. .Org, therefore, more represents what you are trying to do...just educate people.

If money allows, you may want to buy both the .org and the .com of whatever domain name you choose. That way, if people can only remember the first part (like dontcirc), then they will still "get it right" whether they type in .org or .com.

Just a thought.

Good for you!
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Hey Eric, I remember you!

I think it is great that you are putting this together and talking to your friends and fellow students!

You have some great name suggestions. I don't have any to add to that but did want to comment on your kitty getting neutered. I work at a vet hospital as a dog groomer part time and I have seen plenty of kitty's get neutered. They are under general anesthesia. They are really out and not conscious at all, so they are not feeling it. I think the pain post-surgery is pretty minimal judging by the activity level they exhibit. Young kittys just bounce off the wall afterwards and are their usual playful selves.

Another benefit is the absence of testosterone really eliminates the territorial fighting that goes on amongst tom cats. The abcesses I've seen from bite wounds on tom cats would turn your stomach! They are much better pets all around.

Just remember, he'll be out cold!
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Hey Eric. I don't have any suggestions for you, but I wanted to wish you good luck with your site. And way to go on getting the word out to your peers. I was also a teen (17) when I learned more about circumcision and became against it and I wish I had educated some of my friends (who now have circ'd children ) about it.
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how about:

foreskinissexy - oops maybe that would attract the weirdos.

I love the idea of the site.
I do like dontcirc

ps - I hav many kitties & male cats spray (yuck) if they are not fixed
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ooh, i think 'intactnation', org, com, or whatever, has possibilities... very catchy. i like your ministry, so early to have had the calling
i hope my sons are as outspoken and caring.

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I like that one. Did someone mention it? Or was that my brain....Whatever.

Good Luck!
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Originally posted by Tanibani

lol gmta, thats the first one i thought of.

dh's was donttouchthewilly.org

leaveitwhole.org, donthurtyourbaby.org are a couple others

dont forget to mention on the site all the states where medicaid is no longer covering circ....
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I would respond more in depth, just right now i can't think for some reason. My brain is just kinda fried. But anyways, i made a little logo for the site, whipped it up in a night, so it's not near finished, and it's supposed to have a black border around it, but i didn't put that on it yet. Just wanted to get your feedback on it, and just see if you guys have anymore ideas.
Here it is

Also, semi good news, the girl's sister who's having the baby, well her insurance won't cover it, and they don't have much money, just graduated highschool last year, so hopefully this will be the last straw and it will push them over the edge to not circ. I'm praying so.

Thx again,

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Wow, how the heck did you manage to post that image - I've never seen anyone do that here! (Be forewarned - it might be against the rules, I'm not sure).

I think it's awesome.
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