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Getting Married while Pregnant

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Has anyone here gotten married while pregnant? DH (or I guess DF) and I have been together 4 and a 1/2 yrs. We ttc for about 1 and a 1/2 due to male factor issues. anyway- almost 10 weeks pregnant and now we really want to get married. We talked about it long ago but were mostly just lazy. So now we are planning- maybe October. We are super excited but I feel a bit weird that we didn;t do it before I was pregnant

I just tried on this dress I have been saving for years that I look great in when I am my normal weight. NOw I already have a belly and look "fat" in it in the belly. By October I don't think it will fit. Plus, I will be 4-5 months along. I am so happy to be pregnant but I guess I feel somehow sheepish about getting married while pregnant. We would have gotten married anyway. I am 36. And no one in our community or family will judge. I guess I am just processing this. Anyone else get married when they were pregnant and how was that for you?

I am really mostly happy about all these things- btw- being pregnant and getting married. just a bit sheepish somehow about it.
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Tons of people get married pregnant! Is the dress you have something you can alter to fit your belly? Otherwise, make a date to wear it somewhere special on a later anniversary, and find a fab maternity gown to wear at your wedding. Go for it, and congrats!
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I did! No regrets either. I was about 6 months pg with ds1 and we went to the courthouse on our christmas vacation.
I just wore a nice maternity top and maternity cargo pants... we're sooo not into weddings...
the lady who married us was very nice, very reverent about the whole thing and everyone ended up crying (in a good way).

My bil and sil waited until after their first was born to have their wedding. As I mentioned before, I think the whole wedding thing is pretty silly so I won't comment any more about it, other than to say they weren't happy with theirs and plan to have another wedding in the future

I think if you really want to go all out and do the whole wedding thing, you should be able to plan it out so you know what you're wearing and have the time to do what you want where you want. That might mean waiting until after baby is born.
But if you're ready just do it now and have things all nailed down then go for it!
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Congratulations on your pregnancy and the upcoming wedding! Have you considered waiting till after the baby is born to get married? If you'd regret not getting to wear the dress, there's no reason not to wait. Just a suggestion. This is what we did and it worked out nicely.

We were legally married at a courthouse before my DH went away to boot camp, with plans for a "real" wedding in the future. We decided to let the baby come first and had our wedding when he was almost three months old because I couldn't wait any longer to TTC. It worked out well for me that way because I had longer to plan and book things (photographers can book over a year in advance!), and I got to wear my own dream dress that had been bought years before. On the negative side of things, dealing with the last minute planning details can be really stressful while also dealing with a newborn. And on my wedding day, I was somewhat distracted, as you can imagine! Had to take breaks from the festivities to nurse and so on, but there were PLENTY of people very willing to share in the holding of my son, so I didn't miss out on much. Overall, I was glad to have waited till after my son was born -- I got to wear "the" dress and also got to introduce him to all our relatives who hadn't met him yet (we live several provinces away from "home").

Anyway, food for thought! Best wishes no matter what you decide.
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I was 6 months PG when I got married to DX and I will be 6 months PG when I marry DP LOL
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I did with my oldest daughter, I was 5 mths preg. We just figured to heck with it, if it happens it happens, we're getting married anyway.
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My mother was pregnant with ME on her wedding day. She was huge too! It was never a secret that they married while pregnant, and it never bothered me at all. If this is the right man for you, then you should go for it. Don't worry about what anybody else might think. It is your life!
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I got married at 3 months pregnant. I wasn't really "showing" and my dress was sewn by my mother (she left a little room in the front in case I popped before the wedding).
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Is there a reason you can't get married sooner? A beautiful, simple ceremony would take just a few weeks to plan and if it were me I think I would just rather do it sooner than later. Remember, you can always do it on a Friday night, or a Sunday afternoon, too.
And this is a bit morbid (not my intention, hope you will see my point...), but I was reminded this past week at the-hugely attended- funeral of a good friend, that people who love you will be there for you, even on tremendously short notice. : )

Best wishes!
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DF and I have been 'planning' on getting married. We don't feel a rush, even though we are now expecting.

I am exited to imagine that my youngest child could be a flower girl or ring bearer at 1yo... plus i have time to lose any weight, and can wear what I want.

I think its really up to what you want. Either way people can be judgemental or they can be supportive. I think either is pretty acceptable...(getting married after getting and still being pregnant (gasp)/ or having a child out of 'wedlock')
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i just got married a month ago and i am 8 months pregnant. i too had one of those i am saving this wedding dress for when i get married, experiances. clearly something that fit me well not pregnant was not fitting at 7 months along.
i ended up wearing a simple white cotton dress. i was clearly pregnant. we had a lovely back yard wedding. everyone said i looked lovely and i felt really good. the thing about being pregnant is that you learn quickly being comfortable is very important. i wore nice leather sandals and the cotton dress.

i have no regrets getting married while so far along either. we could have waited and we talked about waiting but we were really ready and thought it would be a really nice day. there were some financial things that pushed us a long a little bit but we didn't get married because i am pregnant.

i was definitely worried about people talking, that we got hitched cause i was "knocked up" but like dh said, we both know that isn't the case and what everyone else thinks is not at all important.

good luck. congrats on the baby and the wedding, both thrilling experiences!
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We got married when I was three months pregnant ... I had great cleavage! I say go for it if you want to. We thought it was hilarious having a 'shotgun wedding' even though we're queer. We had the JP marry us on the back deck ... I was barefoot and DP wore flipflops and we catered it ourselves and had a great time with family and friends. I like that DD was there for it, albeit in my tummy!
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Dh (though just my 'boyfriend' at the time) proposed to me on my birthday (june 1st, 2001) and.. oops.. got pregnant within days (which means, basically the same timing as this #4 I have!) .. because of the pregnancy, we did push up the wedding date and got married September 9th. So I was pregnant.. but since I was just 22 and it was my first pregnancy, nobody knew anything... I fit easily into the dress I had picked out... (We didn't tell anybody beforehand about the pregnancy).

One of my best friends got married at eight months pregnant and managed to find a very gorgeous maternity wedding dress! She was radiant and beautiful!

Basically, I think I'd either rush things for the "no belly" factor or wait until a nice, round belly is there (I wouldn't want the in-between "pleasantly plump" stage)!
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Thanks for the responses. Keep em coming if anyone else has anything to share. Yeah, it is really not such a problem, obviously since getting married and having a very wanted baby with a man I adore are both wonderful things.

So we are just considering our options. We could try to do it sooner than October- but that depends on what kind of wedding we want to have. We are considering everything now from a fairly formal thing with friends and family, to a backyard casual thing, to just getting married with our immediate family's on a beach, to waiting till after the baby s born. I will let you all know when we decide.
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I'm totally getting this dress and wearing red pumps with it

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gorgeous dresses !!!!!!
(much too expensive for me)
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I was 5 months pregnant when we got married. We had "planned" (as much as one can plan these things) to be about 3 months pregnant when we got married. We got lucky a little sooner than we expected!

It was awesome.

My mother altered the dress she had made for me to a flexible design that accommodated my belly, since we didn't know how big I would be by the wedding. Empire waists with a supportive top section are great for pregnant bodies. Very flattering, very forgiving. Look for something that's a touch longer in front, if possible, since your belly will lift the hem up a bit in front. A longer front hem will make the hemline look more even over a pregnancy bump.

Because I was pregnant, I was literally glowing at my wedding. I got so many compliments on my skin and demeanor. It was really joyful to include our first child, in utero, into our ceremony and vows to each other. We had a lot of fun with it.

I did get more tired than I normally would have and ended up falling asleep around 7 pm that night and missed most of the party! Everyone understood though.
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Thanks for the dress links! I love the fancy maternity bride ones- especially the cytherea: http://www.maternitybride.com/Cyther...idal-gown.html
but yeah, the getting tired at your own wedding thing is a factor. Plus, if we get a good band and everyone is drinking and dancing-
I could see myself missing out on that by wishing I were in bed
We'll see! It is not so much for others' opinions as much as my experience. I was giving dh ( I call him dh on here) s**t today, teasingly- like- uh, why didn't we do this last year since we were ttc for so long? why now that I am finally pregnant are we getting married? But it was really both of us just being ambivalent. Not at all about if we are mates and if we want to spend our lives together. But abouut if we felt that being actually married was important. then, being pregnant- suddenly being married feels right and important to both of us.
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Well we are eloping to vegas so no need for fancy white dress for me LOL
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My SIL (my husband's brother's new wife) was about 6 mos pg this past December when she and my BIL were married. They decided to get married by a justice of the peace, with just immediate family and then this October are going to have the whole shabang. I think, like everyone is saying, you should do what feels best to you and your DH/BF. You can plan a nice wedding very quickly if you really want to wear your dress, or as someone else has mentioned, find another special occasion to wear it later on? Do what makes YOU guys happy, what feels right to you and you won't have any regrets. It's YOUR special day ... do whatever makes it special!
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