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hehe i gto married in a big ball gown with bright blue shoes it was kick as!
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I got married when I was 7 months pregnant with DS. I bought special maternity bridal clothing (not a dress, but pants with a long coat from sheer lacey material and a tight top underneath, all in ivory). Getting married while pregnant did force me to examine and work through my expectations and dreams of what I always envisioned for my wedding day and what I would look like. I had to admit to myself I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't going to be wearing the "dream dress" and look "more beautiful than ever before" and have the "most special day in my life" (we got married small with family only and no big party etc). I never actually realized I would have these pre-conceived notions about my own wedding day, but I found I had them and had to come to terms with it to really enjoy the day and what I looked like.
Now when I look at the pictures I think I look good and it was a nice day, but there's still a small part of me that regrets not having that spectacular day and dress. Another part of me says those expectations of "the dress" and "special day" are not even really me but just what you get shoved down your throat as a girl from an early age.
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You had to wait to get remarried?
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I say you should do whatever would be the best/most convenient for the 2 of you. But just for kicks if you get married while pregnant, you could conspire to have some relative stand in with a shotgun.
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My sister and her DH got married at the courthouse when she was preg. Then, a year later- when my nephew was 7 months or so- they threw a big party.

She got to enjoy herself not pregnant and wear the dress she wanted. The party was a nice tent deal in their yard, DJ, etc.
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Don't worry about it. Consider this, Mary was pregnant with Jesus when her and Joseph got marriede

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