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Vancouver doulas!

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Do we have a Vancouver doula thread? A place to talk about Vancouver doula related topics and issues. To organize meet-ups, meet friends/back-up, share resources about our specific community?

Anyone taking the bite?
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if we made it lower mainland doulas I'd be in
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Originally Posted by weliveintheforest View Post
if we made it lower mainland doulas I'd be in
Ok then! Vancouver(ish) doulas. I don't know how to change a thread title, anyone know?

Any other doulas in the lower mainland want to come out and play
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Yes please, me! Hopefully we'll find some more hiding in here..ha!
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I'd like to be one. I attended my friends birth as her doula.
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Anyone else planning to go to the Birthing From WIthin workshop in September? I am planning to.
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I know of a conference going on in October in Alberta. CERPS will be involved, and there's a chance to get your waterbirth credentials

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Hello again to you all!!

Any other Van(ish) doulas hiding in here?

I always love arranging double/triple back up since I work full time hours as well.

It would also be amazing to meet some more local doulas, you know, as friends :
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