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Almost August Weekly Thread 7/27-8/2

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Mornin' All!

Sooooo... some mamas have babes in arms, some are in labor, some are counting the days, and others are still looking across a river of weeks. But we're all getting closer!

How is it going? New mamas... are you resting up and enjoying your babes? Any advice? Mamas in waiting... are you resting up? Ideas for making these weeks pass quickly?
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Morning! 39 weeks today

I'm trying so hard not to be constantly checking for blood or interpreting every twinge. After all, I could have a full two more weeks left.

Ideas to pass the time...well, apartment Tetris is never done. This weekend we finally solved our sleep dilemma. I'm now the proud owner of a room-sized bed. DB built the platform out to the end of the room, so I now have a family sleep pod with a queen plus a twin. He slept in bed last night with monkey and me for the first time in months. Of course, they wake up shivering as I have a fan blowing the AC directly on me all night
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Good morning! 38w2d today and yeah every little twinge I get I tend to stop and think, "is this it?" Craziness. Dh is on paternity leave now for a month so we're trying to get projects done around the house. I didn't rest enough yesterday and ended up with water balloons for ankles by night time, I won't be doing that again.
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36wks1day today. I've been so tired lately...for one thing, our schedules are hectic, and for another, I'm hot and pregnant, lol. I really can't function if I don't have a mid-afternoon nap or at least an hour in bed with my feet up. That scares me...I don't remember going through that in the last pregnancy and I wonder how I'll take care of a newborn when I'm already feeling exhausted.

Other than that, things are okay. I'm expecting my birth pool in the mail today or tomorrow. We're pretty much ready, except for DH and I having a blow-out argument in the middle of the night last night about what the postpartum period will be like.

No baby in sight at this point...seems like I'll be waiting for a long time.
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The waiting game is so fun isn't it? I have enough cleaning to keep me busy, that's for sure!

Right now DH is at the hospital for a CAT Scan. He has been having issues in his gut/stomach/testicular area. The doc couldn't find any hernias or lumps so he is in for a scan to find anything that might be lurking. The doc thinks that it's possible buldging stomach lining. Whatever it is I hope that it can be taken care of BEFORE this babe comes.

Do to this, I think that I have been unconsciously telling this babe that I am not quite ready.
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Well, ya'll could rip out your ceilings and see what's up there! It's an adventure and an education all in one. I'll get pictures up soonish, but DH was up there till 2am ripping out and replacing stuff...which meant I was trying to keep the girls amused and then get them to sleep downstairs on the couch. And since we have one armchair (dd2's "bed") and one couch (dd1's "bed") I ended up sitting on the floor for hours. I think my hips will never forgive me! And DH will be coming home from work early today to keep going... we really need this done before the babe arrives.

I found out a friend I haven't seen in a long time is pregnant and due in October with her first! Wowsa! So today's mission is to ignore the bugs, take the girls into town, and get some material for making a baby blanket. I'm not a quilter, but every baby needs a unique blanket, right? Just like every wedding requires a statue of a lady with a clock in her belly.

ETA- totally forgot. Dole makes these bags of frozen mixed fruit (pineapple, mango, peach, strawberry) and right now I am basically living on these... I fill a bowl, pop it into the microwave for 2 minutes, and what comes out is sort of fruit shaped sorbet... still cold and a bit icy but oh so amazingly yummy in hot weather! The girls call it "frozy fruit" and they love it too. So if you're looking for a frozen/cold snack that you can eat in front of a toddler check it out.
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37 wks here and feeling quite done! I know no one wants to hear that but I am so over it. I miscarried before this pregnancy so I have technically been pregnant for a yr. and a half!! Do I have things I need to do? Probably but the energy and motivation is completely lacking. I am bored waiting for this baby to get here. Everything is pretty much in place except a few last dr. appts. and the birthing tub which gets delivered next week.

How in the heck do i get thru the next 2-4 wks?!
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My last miscarriage has been on my brain too. I was just thinking that if that one had stuck, I'd have a 1 month old now. Hmm.

I can't wait to be done. Something about the reassurance seems great. I have a hard time trusting in what I can't see.
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Sounds like a great adventure Wombatclay. I might just have to try your delicious treat too!
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Oh my I'm not even full term yet and am losing my mind, I think going into preterm labor about 2 weeks ago made me more anxious....

I am so ready I can't stand it! I feel okay for the most part I'm just tired and so ready to be done wearing maternity clothes. I miss my old wardrobe for sure. This week I'm just trying to clean, clean, clean and organize so the house is tidy when she makes her appearance!

Thankfully we got 2 window mount air conditioners about 2 weeks ago so I have been in heaven during our 100 degree weather. Being pregnant and hot is truly awful.
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39+1 here, nesting like crazy. my house looks amazing, lol. this morning I color coordinated my towels by bathroom.
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color coordinated my towels by bathroom.
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36+ for me. I have my home visit on Thursday: Baby is head down thanks to the webster technique. I'll keep seeing the chiro 1x a week til she comes, just in case. I feel small. My belly isn't as huge as it was with ds. I need to take some pics. I haven't taken any since 25 weeks.

I still have a bunch of stuff to do around the house, but nothing super urgent thankfully. Just some good cleaning stuff that dh needs to help me with. Can't wait til he's no longer working 80 hrs a week!

Wombat- that sounds yummy. I've been enjoying nectarines lately. Mmmm!
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35 weeks today, more and more BH, some days so many, others not as much. I have to be very careful w/ eating, carbs especially. Ate a bagel this morning, not good. I need to make my list for dh to do in labor and organize my birth supplies into before and after. I found a few cute boy outfits for after baby is born, need to decide on one if it is cool in house. I have been seeing some yellow jelly like globs, plug maybe. Never saw it before except w/ my third in labor, it was blood tinged IIRC, so who knows. The plague we have had off and on in this house continues, starting to freak me out. WTH? Tummy upset, headache, snot and goopy eyes. Third time now I have had it. My babies diapers are horrible. I had forgot, but apprently we had this last July/August when expecting Eiley. Ugh!
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38 weeks + 3 today.

I've been without internet for the past week. It has been exciting to read all the baby updates today!

I'm getting excited/nervous. Baby dropped last Tuesday, which was really nice. I came in from feeding our animals and (holding my belly) asked my dh "does this look lower to you?" He looked at me and said in a somewhat nervous manner- "What does that mean?!" I told him maybe nothing, but we really should stop procrastinating on getting the birth kit together. It is all ready now and the carseat is in the car. DH was playing hooky from work so we ran errands that afternoon and went out for lunch. I ate a Huge burrito! Dh was impressed. It is so nice to have room for my stomach again, but now I am hungry all the time!

Still not in our house *sigh* I think we might not make it before our lo arrives. I guess I should get set up over here instead.

My family is coming out from CA to SC for the big event. They are driving and leave on Thursday. I hope my sister makes it in time, as she is my doula. I explained to our lo that they need to stay put a little longer, though being such a low rider now I sometimes feel like I have to walk with my legs crossed to keep him/her in! Besides the procrastinators that we are, we could certainly use the extra couple of weeks to get things ready!

Rest up mamas! If they aren't already, our babies will be here soon!
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I have eleven days to go until my due date! I'm exhausted, my back aches, I can hardly walks sometimes due to the swollen feet and the baby dipping down, and my carpal tunnel is getting worse. I'm still hanging in here at work to save my six weeks for after the baby gets here!

He's sideways with his back against the left side of my belly, but still pointed downwards... not sure what the technical term for this is. I looked pretty lopsided this morning, and rubbed his back, asking him to turn the right way. I'm jealous of all the mamas that have their babies already. My turn, my turn!!!

DH hasn't studied up on any of the birth coach stuff that he was given at our class, packed a bag for himself, or made a playlist of music like I asked him to. Hopefully, he will be able to take control in the delivery room. He is so used to me handling things, but he knows I need him to step up and be assertive for all of us... we'll see!!!
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Originally Posted by sunshynbaby View Post
He's sideways with his back against the left side of my belly, but still pointed downwards... not sure what the technical term for this is. I looked pretty lopsided this morning, and rubbed his back, asking him to turn the right way.
do you mean he is head down, with his back all the way to the left? if so that IS the right way - left occiput anterior.
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I have some good news - my DH got a job after being laid off for 7 months! The place is two blocks from our house. The bad news is he gets no leave when the baby is born But hey, at least we'll have money coming in.
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I'm 38w2d today.. My 5 year old ds has gone on his first away-from-home trip with grandma. He's been gone for nearly a week now and won't be back until August 4th. It's strange to have so much time to myself. I've been trying to enjoy my 2 weeks to myself to get things done, clean, read, and relax which is nice. I will feel nice and rested when DD arrives. Also, this is the first time that my DH and I have ever been without a kid for more than one night (he adopted DS). It's good to know that we still like eachother when we're left alone!

I too am having lots of BH contractions. Sometimes they're every few minutes, sometimes once every few hours. I also guess that my baby has dropped because I lost a cm of measurement at my last midwife appointment. It really doesn't feel much different to me, so who knows? Luckily I don't have a problem breathing or eating at any point in pregnancy, so maybe that's why I didn't feel a change.

We got our spare bedroom cleaned out this weekend and we're going to set up the birthing tub this week. I'm getting really excited about meeting our new DD.. It's sooo close!
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Originally Posted by thorn View Post
do you mean he is head down, with his back all the way to the left? if so that IS the right way - left occiput anterior.
Oh, I thought the right way was with his back towards my front... I just look so lopsided! This is a big baby for sure!
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