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This period was 9 days late. I didn't test, because it kept feeling like I was about to start, and I blamed the lateness on the stress of starting school again (I started my program the day after my period was due).

It came 9 days later, and seems pretty normal, other than the lateness.

Before it came, I had cramps off and on for a week, and once felt something on my left side (but this was over a week ago).

I am currently not cramping at all, and haven't since my period started.

Last night, my right shoulder started to hurt, and it's still hurting. It's the back of my shoulder, feels likea very tight, sore muscle. Could be b/c I started carrying a shoulder bag again for class?

I have an IUD.

I have read that it's the shoulder TIP that hurts in an EP, not the back like I'm feeling. I also am not cramping.

Do I have reason to call a doctor, or does this sound like anything?