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This is a list of resources for single parents. If you would like to submit a resource for placement, please PM it to the forum moderator for consideration. Thanks!

MDC Threads

Why I love Being a Single Mother


LIFETIME LowIncome Families' Empowerment through Education

Co-Abode Single Mothers House Sharing

Single Mom .com

Welfare Warriors

This organization may be able to give information about grants even if you don't live in their community.

New National 211 hotline call 211. Help for people in need of Health and Human Services.

For more information do a google search for 211 hotline.

(thanks to Turtle Woman for the links )
(thanks to xenomama for the link )

Free life insurance for low income, single parents
thanks to liamsmommy221 for the link.

Modest Needs Grants for financial assistance with life's minor setbacks

Obtaining a Passport as the Custodial Parent of a Minor under 14

Credit Care (credit card for medical expenses)

SafeLink Wireless (free cell phone for income-elligible people)

Info for Divorced or Divorcing Parents