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Toddler words that are better than the real ones

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Do your children have great words?

My older one says "jumpoline" instead of "trampoline" ... which makes so much more sense! He also says "lightern" instead of "lantern" which is just adorable.

What are your kids' best made-up words!??
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Oh, there's a bunch, but the one I can think of right now is "druve" (droove? drewve?) as past tense for drive. It works so well I've forgotten it's not a real word and used it in adult conversation.
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Ours are:

Hekatocker (helicopter)
Clock-Clocks (crabs or lobsters)
Butt (diaper)
Soapy Swim (bath time)

I've got more...I'll have to remember!
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DS said megurt instead of yogurt for the longest time, which just melted my heart. He had just started understanding pronouns, and when I would offer him yogurt, he would say, megurt peas!
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When my now 8 year old was a todder, he called quesadillas "cheesydillas," and we still use it in our house.
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My LO says strawbabies, bluebabies for strawberries and blueberries.

He also say teeteetata for tortilla.
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One of my favorites was my DD called the mei tai a "your tai" because she's ask what it was, I say "a mei tai" "ahhh" she'd say. "Can I see your tai?" That always cracked me up.

She also says flick flocks instead of flip flops and it's just cute.

There are so many more, I love toddler talk!
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THere are so many but the ones that come to mind right away are "yuggo" for yellow, and "ranis" for raisins.
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our favorite is dooda for dirty and now its "wheely dooda" for really dirty, like mommy water really dooda, need new water

Luckily i dont think others know what she is saying, a few months ago we were at a dog breeders house looking at a dog, long story but it was very hairy in her house as she breeds dogs and DD was walking around pointing to random things and saying doda doda, like her couch, kitchen table etc haha
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Our current one is "wowie" for "owie"
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It seems like my daughter combined "play" and "piano" into plan-o. Toddler language is so stinking cute!

Another funny one I remember is "washinachine" (washing machine)
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DS1 tends to substitute the syllable 'who' for the first syllable of many words, IE, 'whosgetti', 'whoprise', 'whoscotti'.

It's just very funny when he walks up to the counter and says, "I woul' like a shockat whoscotti, please!'

but my favorite comes from Alli Baba and the forty theives- "Open Stephameee!" (Stephanie is our mother's helper! )
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I like resternaut for restaurant. Sort of a cross btw restaurant and astronaut--like a place to eat while out in space or something!
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One year, dd called Thanksgiving "Pink Skipping." We still call it that!
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My oldest DD had a knack for this when she was a toddler--
girl cheese (grilled cheese)
raisin brown (raisin bran)
hair fix (hair clips)
toe food (tofu)
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OK, my kids are long past toddler hood, but the title caught my eye.

Two of my favorites:
"slow bumps" for "speed bumps"
"Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English muffin!" We STILL say that to this day.

Dd is queen of the malaprop to this day, so we regularly get things like
"It's not your job to call strikes. That's the VAMPIRE'S job!"
"Mom, did you know that salmon vibrate?" "Vibrate?" "Yeah, you know, just like birds!" (migrate)
Just last week we got: "Do you take this man to be your awful wedded husband?"
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I know there are more, but all I can think of right now is "kickit ball" for soccer ball. Makes total sense.
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Originally Posted by eclipse View Post
One year, dd called Thanksgiving "Pink Skipping." We still call it that!

This darling!

DD calls lemonade "Lenna Made!"

And she says "Scoot on oaker" instead of scoot over. That's my favorite!
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Oh! And I have to confess to being a Starbucks-a-holic and spending way to many afternoon walking to our local one or driving a bit further to the drive-thru if I'm burned out and need DD to nap in the car.

Well, lately she's been pretending to go to Starbucks and place an order and she says "Hi. Yes, I'd like a mochachichencapachato. With caramel please."

OMG, I about died the first time she said that. It was hysterical and a bit scary too!
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tatas = tomatoes

titty = kitty

ahteeka = almost everything else
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