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and many, many more!
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These are so sweet! Such a peek into the logic of the toddler mind.

My dd isn't a toddler anymore, but we still use some of her toddlerisms:
smacky chee = macaroni and cheese
dvdv = dvd
paris pants = pair of pants
bizdusting = disgusting
flick flicks = Netflix
bikecibble = bicycle
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My favorites that my son uses are:
or-NANGE (said very slowly and sensually, like he's French) for orange
and my absolute heart-melter is that he calls ladybugs "Lay-da-lay-da-lee."

One of my friend's older daughters called the playpen her younger brothers were in, "Das Babygefangnis", which in German means "the baby jail."

Another friend's son who is pretty precocious with his language skills and listens to a lot of music asked if they could listen to some Ernie-Shoe. His dad didn't understand but realized later that they had been listening to SchuBERT earlier, and DS had extrapolated that there must be shoe-Ernie music too.
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"Meese" (while rubbing a circle on her chest)

Took us a long time to figure out what she was saying, but then we realized she was combining "more" with "please" while signing for please. She's been doing this for months even though she knows how to say each word individually...we don't correct it because we think it's too darn cute!
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pasgetti- for spagetti
boooo- for boom
buck for truck
titty for kitty
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I love all of the sayings and words toddlers use! My now 10 yr old dd used to call a shampoo a "hair bath". My four year old still uses the phrase "ever I had" instead of "I ever had". She'll say, "This is the best day ever I had!" :
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Originally Posted by lisalulu View Post
Our current one is "wowie" for "owie"
=) We say "owie" but our neighbor/sitter says "booboo". DS calls them

Butterflies are called "wings"
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wetter-washing machine
sock pants-tights
pretty girls-hair ties, bows, etc
crocagator-alligator or crocodile

I know there is more but I'm drawing a blank. Btw, we still say sock pants and pretty girls, and the kid who coined them is almost 8!
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While walking through a park recently, my 3 year old granddaughter was so excited to see the "water mountains".
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These are so cute! Here are some of my favorite DS words...

Nursers = Breasts
Grabioli = Ravioli
Gazebra = Gazebo
Base-net = Basement
Yo-gret = Yogurt

and my all time favorite...

Farmer John Cheese = Parmesan Cheese
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Scandals = sandals
Strawhobbies and bluehobbies = strawberries and blueberries
Effalent = elephant
Yayo = water
Deebee = blanket
Broken eggs = scrambled eggs
Porn = corn
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When Owen was younger he used noggy for yoghurt, which then became nyock, then yoghurt. Yoghurt covered raisins were noggy finna for ages.

The current favourite is dinagletant for diagonal
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My son calls crafts "craps". Imphasise on the PS!

I didn't catch it until this converstaion in the store..

DS: look at all the craps on that shelf!
Me: Hon, it's not nice to call things crap.
DS: That's what they are! All those craps!
Me: Craps? Where'd you learn that word?
DS: YOU! We do Craaaaaaps all the time.
Me: (bing! the light bulb goes off!) Oh! craffffffts. Making things!!
DS: YES!! CraPPPPPPs!!!!
Me: Lol. Ok. Craps.

He says all his other F's just fine. Lol.

And his bicycle is the two-wheel-a-cycle.
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these are sweet...

the only one I can think of at the moment is "merry-playground" -- you know, for the carousel!

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DD calls sunscreen, "sun ice cream." Well, it's more like sun ice cweam.
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These are so sweet!

My sons say "yogret" too.

And "sunscream" for sunscreen....
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DS isn't saying too much yet but my best friend's son used to say the
scatchulator for escalator (sounded like he was saying catch you later)
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What I remember of our toddlerisms, my favorites were:
Capapillar = caterpillar
waterlemon = watermellon
lelelw = yellow
nogurt = yogurt

ETA: "be-next", you know, like "beside", as in, "Mom, will you sit benext to me?"
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Fireworks="Fire stars"

He used to say "eye brown"' for eyebrow (my eyebrows are brown).
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what a cute thread! when dd was a teeny, she called hand-me-downs "handy-downs". that stuck and we use it still there are others, but i can't think of them at the moment...
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