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well i was wondering when u guy planned on meeting.....my dds are still in summer preschool for another week and than they are out. i'll keep them home for a playgroup too though. my one norwich home health client is being sent to nursing home for a while while her mom has surgery so all i have is my Tuesday thru Thursday home health client in groton at nite. have u guy met yet? i'm dieing for more mama friends. i really want someone who has patient and some time to show me how to make knit. anyone game?
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The heat of the day kept us inside. Sorry we missed it, just too dang hot to be on the highway.
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I'm going to start a spin-off thread, but I wanted to post here, too. I'd love to do another trip to Belltown in early September, this time on a weekend so that working parents can make it (and so we can pick tree fruits, too!).
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