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Full Moon Next Week!

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I saw my midwife this morning and she mentioned -since I'm due on Tuesday- next week (Thursday) will be a full moon, and she told me it's usually more busy with births during that night. So....for all of us due around that date, what about a full moon baby?
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Here's hoping! I'm due on the 8th, so it's totally possible!
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Sounds great to me! But I'm not due until the 18th or so...
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I've been "planning" on going on the 6th or 7th my whole pregnancy. I'll be a week over at that point. I figured it was a more reasonable goal for me than just the due date. LOL Less likely to be disappointed.
I'm hoping it's a good full moon for many of us.
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I will be 37 weeks next Thursday-so I could have her at home under a full moon. I wish I were that in synch with nature, but right now I am def not.
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You beat me to the post! I was going to post this next week I'm due the next day, but hope I go sooner!!! It will be interesting to see if a bunch of us give birth around that time...
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Sadly there's no full moon around when I'm due. I'd rather it be this moon than the next one, though...but I don't think I'll be that lucky.
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: Yay for the full moon! I'll be 37 weeks then so it probably won't do anything for me but a girl can hope!
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Oooh thats encouraging. Maybe just one more bloody week... lets hope, shall we? (My DD is the 11th, but I've been having tons of contractions for the past week and am SICK AND TIRED OF FALSE LABOR!!!)
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Oh that would be perfect- I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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Hoping the full moon will do something here, too....been feeling more and more pressure and sharp sensation and impatience.....and I'm only 36+2.......LOL.
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Originally Posted by Abraisme View Post
Here's hoping! I'm due on the 8th, so it's totally possible!
Me too... I'll be stalking your Facebook for updates next week
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