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I'll look around. I couldn't find any. You may try over in the birth prof's forum. they don't have POOR outcomes. Just statistically poorEST.
Agreed. Generally speaking, births that happen very fast (and hence, unplanned homebirths ) usually are complication free because the body and baby didn't stall or anything but there still is a higher incidence of postpartum hemmorhage not being noticed/stopped because of lack of medical access. Usually everything is fine. Usually mothers and babies do fine in birth. But when you do encounter that rare complication that wasn't researched and learned how to deal with in a planned homebirth -- that's when trouble might occur. But, again, on the whole, everyone does fine.

(Just like most mothers don't have life-long problems when having an epidural that doesn't mean the chance of danger is higher than not...so too while unplanned homebirth usually works out fine, that doesn't mean it's just as safe as a planned homebirth.)
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The book "Born in the USA" by Dr. Marsden Wagner probably has them in there somewhere - as a comparison between MW-attended HB.
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