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Anat Baniel Method?

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I know I have read on here that some people have had great success with this method. Can you please share your experience?

I have a newborn with PVL which turns into CP in 60% of the cases. She had a stroke in utero and is a little constricted from being in one position in my womb for a few weeks. Also the area of the brain damaged from the stroke is the parietal lobe, which govern movement.

I live in northern CA, and Anat is in town doing a teacher training and has agreed to see us for 3 lessons this weekend. As you can imagine her fee is astronomical. Like the three lessons are more than a car payment, more than some people pay for rent etc. When I read her site it looks worth it, and my girl is only 4 weeks old, and I feel like the earlier the better to help her brain rewire. KWIM?

Thanks in advance for input!
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I don't know much about CP but there was an earlier thread about CP you might like to read. Here it is. http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1096593
One of the mamas who posted seems to have had a good experience with that method.
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Love it, love it. My little one is 14 mo old and we just started a couple of months ago. She had a hypoxic brain injury at birth from a knotted umbilical cord. We've seen some very nice changes, subtle but important. I say see Anat for those 3 sessions even though I know her fee is crazy high, then you could find someone else more reasonable if you decide to continue.
These early days are so scary and hard. I wish you all the best.
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Thank you both. We went to our first lesson today and it went well. DD is still sleeping so I can't really assess yet. I think I will give it the three lessons and then assess. I can say that the 100 people there for the training were hanging on Anat's every word and so completely sold that this method of healing is miraculous. Many of the people there came to the method through children with special needs, doing the training themselves so they could continue to work with their kids, which I found pretty neat.
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We did a number of sessions...

Both in San Rafael and when a trained therapist came to Phoenix. The results were impressive. But, in our case at least, the results really only lasted while we were doing the treatments.

So much money.

No harm done though.
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I am very excited with the results I have seen in three lessons. I am even more excited that they have referred me to a local woman who is also a PT and thus takes insurance!!! So we won't have to pay everything out of pocket.
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I wanted to chime in on this. My child has Down Syndrome, and has been seen by an Anat Baniel Practitioner since he was 8 months old. It has been amazing for him. In many ways I felt that all his other therapies were really not necessary as long as we were doing the method with him. I even think the method helped him to recover his hearing (he had hearing aids, and now no longer needs them). Anyway, I hope you can find someone cheaper to continue to work iwth your daughter.
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My son also has PVL d/t prematurity, and we've been seeing an Anat Baniel Method-certified practitioner since he was three months old. As of last week, he officially does NOT have CP.

We were lucky enough to have someone in the area who works for EI--otherwise, yeah, I know the costs are astronomical. I'm sure you can find someone in that area who doesn't charge as much as Anat does.
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Hi All,


I'm an ABM practitioner.  I can tell you that there are lots of people who charge very affordable rates, especially those that have a child w/ special needs themselves.


I've seen affordable rates between 50 and 85 and often there are discounts we offer for multiple lessons.


The other thing to consider is that most ABM practitioners give lessons in clusters.  So you may have 10 lessons in a week and then back off for a couple of weeks.  It really depends on the practitioner. 


I never believed that I would be able to bring about the changes Anat does, but then me and my classmates graduated and the positive stories are coming in, so don't hesitate to try your local practitioners first if you can't afford to fly out there.  Best for your child is also not having a stressed out parent in the poor-house.



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