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On the L&D floor, rooms were shared with a big curtain to divide them. There was only one other woman in (very early) labor when I showed up pushing so I got a room to myself. The postpartum floor was all private rooms though.

Absolutely no idea what my insurance *officially* pays for room-wise, they still haven't figured out that I UPed and per their wording, won't cover a hospital birth without doctor referral. Even if they didn't cover private rooms I'd pay the extra out-of-pocket, could not imagine sharing a room immediately postpartum
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There are no double rooms here for woman who are in labor or just given birth so insurance really has no choice but to cover it. They covered mine no problem and it was a big ol' birthing sweet.
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I don't actually remember with my first. I barely remember being there, but I think it was private. It was tiny and the nurses and doctors we terrible there.

The second place I delivered only had private birthing suites. The rooms for planned c-section moms were a little smaller than the ones where they were expecting a vaginal birth, but they were all private. You stayed in the same room for everything (well, except when I went to the OR, but there wasn't a "recovery room", I was just wheeled back to the same room.
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I was never moved from room to room. The hospital I went to had a Women's Center and everything (labor, delivery, recovery) happened in the same room. They just converted the bed, turned on the lights and opened some cabinets for equipment when it was time to push. Then fixed my bed back up and I stayed for another day. Baby roomed in, so no one really ever left that room and it was spacious and great. This wasn't because my insurance was great, it was because the hospital was small and well-adapted. Look for a hospital that can accommodate. You're right, it IS rare to move the mom from room to room and to do semi-private. Sounds like you're looking at a big hospital or a more outdated one. Good luck!
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My recovery room was technically a double, but I had it to myself... until a few hours before I was discharged. At that point the hospital had so many moms in recovery (full moon or something?) that they started doubling us up. (I think it's also why I was discharged that day, *after* they told me they'd keep me an extra day b/c my son had to stay in Special Care. : The pediatrician, OB and nurses didn't seem to be communicating very well.)

I heard, though, that this hospital is relocating to a new building in 3-4 years, and that the new digs will only have private rooms. Since they *strongly* encourage the "partner" to spend the nights with the new mom, and are pro-rooming in, it doesn't make sense to have shared rooms: that's just too many bodies per room overnight.

BTW your insurance sucks. Shame on them. :
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All three times I was in a private LDR room, including the time I did a planned c/s -- they did the OR prep in my room, then walked me down to the OR, extracted the baby, and wheeled us back to my room so we could recover. The other times I labored and, in the case of my VBAC, gave birth in the LDR room and then hung out there until we were ready to go home. That hospital didn't have anything but private rooms. The only time you could be in a room where there were other people is if you were being triaged -- several people could be looked at at once (in little areas separated by curtains) in the L&D ward.

mama to T (12/02), L (2/06), and O (12/08)
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I would think that shared rooms would have to go out the window with the new HIPPA codes. If a nurse needs to discuss anything with you, there can't be some other random woman and her family in the room. I would tell the insurance company that to share a room would violate your HIPPA rights.
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Originally Posted by Maxine45 View Post
They're telling me I could have chosen to go to some other hospital. They couldn't name one that has semi-private rooms, but the hospital I was at (a community hospital, chosen for ability to give birth naturally, actually more of a dump than the other local hospitals) only has private rooms.
Is the hospital in network? If so, this is a bunch of BS. And if it isn't in network and they can't tell you a hospital that is reasonably close that has semi-private rooms, again it is BS. Keep fighting them!

And while there definitely still times people have to do a semi-private situation, it is usually only when a hospital is overcrowded and all the normal recovery rooms are full.
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Moving to Birth and Beyond. Thanks
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Originally Posted by kwilki8 View Post
Our hospital doesn't have separate rooms for recovery, so you're in the same one from the time you're admitted and it's private. I can't imagine having to share a room after birth, especially if the hospital promotes/allows rooming-in.
That's how ours is too. I honestly had no idea there are still shared recovery rooms.
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My kids were born in 1992 and 1995, in military hospitals, and I had a private room each time.
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Yes, I have a private laboring room and recovery room.
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This reminds me of a funny story. My mother only had a shared room one time- it was with me (1980). She said the other woman chain-smoked cigarettes, got into a loud fight with her boyfriend and threw something at him, cussed the nurse out because she had only brought pre-pregnancy jeans with her and couldn't get them up.
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I had a private room
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Shared. I'm in Ontario and it cost money to get a private room. It's 4 women to a room.

It wasn't pleasant sharing but I wasn't willing to cough up the money to get a private room. Besides both were planned homebirths so I wasn't supposed to be in the hospital in the first place!

ETA; private for laboring, shared for recovery.
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I gave birth at home but my sister-in-law gave birth to both her kids in a hospital in Lancaster, CA and she had a shared recovery room each time. I had no idea those still existed (kids are now 8 and 5).
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That's all they have at my local hospital, so yes I had a private room for my first three births. This time I'll be going to a birth center and also have a private room.
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Well, in our labor room I had to 'share' a bathroom like suites, but the lady next door had an epidural. However, someone in her room kept using the bathroom and locking the door- bad for this natural mama. I had to complain to the nurses (which I hated doing) and they got it taken care of for the short time that I actually was in labor. I had a shared recovery room, but no one else was in the room with us when we were there.
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I had my own deliver room and recovery room. Normally, you would labor/deliver/recover in the same room, but the hospital was overwhelmed with births, so I had to move to another recovery room. Key West is fairly small and Aug is their biggest delivery month.
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Mine was private. As far as I know, all of the hospitals in my area have private rooms for labor/delivery and post-partum.
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