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I STILL can't tell my MZ twins apart. Seriously. - Page 2

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What cuties!

Um, well, it wasn't until mine were about 9 weeks old that my mom and sister stripped them naked and studied them for about 30 minutes before they found a definite marker! Looking at picutes until they turned about 2, it is still up for grabs if I can't see the left ears! After that, their personality starts to really shine through, even in a picture.

Now, I have it down (unless they have grown recently, sigh ). Everyone else is still iffy, so Baby B wears blue.

It will get better!
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MZ twins are HARD! I was pretty lucky for a while, Fiona was a bit smaller and Willow had a strawberry mark on her ear and had a rounder face. Now Willow is smaller and Fiona's extra weight cancels out the face shape differences and the birthmark completely faded!! Finally after 18 months of my DP mixing them up we got their ears pierced with different earrings. Now EVERYONE can tell them apart. It was getting to be a prob because they didn't even know what their names were they were confused so often! Your daughters are beautiful! Congratz!
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Don't feel bad. I confuse mine about 5x a day.

Find a clothing system that works for you. One is stripes, one is dots. One is pink, one is green. One is always the darker blue, the other the lighter. Or in non-match sets, the same baby always wears the same dress. Mine just turned 2 and now THEY know who gets what for each outfit!

I was totally stressed for the first 6 months until Shira got a freckle - whew! Something to tell them apart just in case! Who knows maybe they were switched early on and we never knew it.
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I vote that some people just can't tell people apart. I'm like a previous person- the car was red? blue? who knows? I actually had to memorize details of my new house so I would have the answer when people asked- it's blue with pinkish carpet for example.

As for people- it's horrible. Why does everybody else in the world know the answer to, "So what does she look like?" You know when you meet someone and forget their name, someone wants to help you out if you can just describe them. Well, my description is "Girl." To not let on to the fact that I have no other descriptive distinctions written on my head, I usually just act like I can't remember and say yes to whatever they say, "Oh, long brown hair right," My answer- "I think so." I can remember if we talked, what we talked about, their personality, etc, but not their looks. You have to be my friend for months or years before I'll remember you're hair color and that's more likely because we talked about it not because I can picture it.

So, I would only tell the twins apart if someone else noticed a difference and then I would specifically look for that difference. I had an irrational fear at the hospital when I gave birth that they would switch my baby with someone else's and I wouldn't notice. Luckily I chose a hospital which only has three births a day, so I felt better.

Currently my ds is one month and I am collecting comments from others on what part looks like who from other people. I don't know what looks like mine or my husband's. DH is much better than me at that game.

So, I think I'm at the far end of the spectrum. I think most people notice physical details, but I believe other people have varying degrees of difficulty. I usually never let on to this and you would never know, but since nobody knows me on here, I feel free to share. And I share this because the original poster liked shukr's comment, so we may be in the same boat. We are not crazy, just unique
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It was MONTHS before I could tell our MZ's apart! We color coded (Seth green and Malachi blue) and painted Seth's big toenail green...just in case!

You'd think Seth's CP and microcephaly would help people tell them apart, but it hasn't helped much!

We've got it down pat finally...mostly...LOL!

Oh and we played the pop quiz game too! Too fun!
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Oh my goodness...I was afraid of this. I actually don't know if my boys are identical or not. I am 29 weeks pregnant and they said we won't know 'til after they are born. Does anyone know "how" they actually determine whether they are identical or not? I would assume you girls would know lol. I'm so new to this twin thing, I've been learning all sorts of new things!
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The only way to know for sure is if they share an amniotic sac and/or placenta. Any other combination and can't know w/o a DNA test.
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Your girls are incredibly beautiful! And congratulations! You looked awesome in your preggie pics. I too noticed the widow's peak right away...also their smiles seem to be slightly different, although that just may have been the picture.

As far as being able to tell them apart...at this point I wouldn't worry about it. They are still so young that they are just starting to really get to the point where they will really differ and you can start to see differences.

Have fun!
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For the first three months our two also looked identical, and the only way my DH could tell them apart was the shape of their ears. We assigned colors to them when they were born - R had either purple or blue, and D had green or yellow. Today, they look similar (same basic face, different features)and have different coloring, so it is easier even when they are not together (which isn't very often). They call each other by the same name, although R is starting to figure out that he has a different name from his brother. I still get mixed up and when relating an anecdote at the end of the day will say the wrong name and totally confuse DH until he asks for clarification.

I think that you girls are beautiful!!!
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