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Queer & Pregnant! Aug., Sept., Oct. 2009

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If you want to be added, just post in bold with your due date. Also, if you have recently had your babe(s), please chime in with the name and birth date in bold. If your information is not correct or has changed, please also post in bold so that I can get it corrected!!

Queer and Pregnant

October 2009
Travelgirlz, due with twins October 10
Mads-a-Mama, due October 25

November 2009
Deny Zoo29, due November 5
Turtle's Momma, due November 24
baby.fatty, due November 24
Scalpel, due with twins November 27

December 2009
Kelmendi due December 15

January 2010
KJM due January 1
Gloomcookie, due January 2
Beth, due January 3
Carmen358, due January 3
Indigoscot DP, due January 18

February 2010
basje, due February 14

April 2010
Kimlyn32, due April 4
hbog, due April 5
wishin'&hopin', due April 21

May 2010
kelly, due May 10
pleasantlyfurious, due May 15
KSDoulaMama, due May 15
boolery, due May 25
DJK, dp due May 30

June 2010
Sarah, due June 1
Eryn, due June 2
Beastie, due June 15
jjnoho, due June 24

Graduates!!! Yeeeahaaa!!

Jodybird511, Baby Asher born 10/9/09
Wazzmum, Baby Tate born 9/15/09
Raene & River, Baby Cedar born 8/30/09
DM630, Baby Amelia born 8/14/09
ninefirefly, Baby girl born 7/31/09
Serenekitten, baby Asher born 7/21/2009
QTRANDI, Baby Rudy born 7/7/2009
JennM1021, Baby Alexander born 6/29/2009
Lexbeach (Lex and Lena), Baby Leo born 6/26/2009
Heart-N-Bones, baby Ella Grace born 4/22/2009
Quasar (and dp Smartycat), Baby Raymond Joseph born 4/5/2009
Pranava, Baby Zion born 3/24/2009
Giggleblue, Baby A born 3/16/2009
Pigirl, baby born 1/30/2009
Starling and Diesel, Esme born 1/30/2009
2happymamas (Jill & Kerri), Colette(Coco) born 1/5/2009
Simcon, Baby G born 12/28/2008
MujerMamaMismo, Sebastian Felix born 12/21/2008
Tigermiep (and dp M), Anders Xavier born 12/11/2008
JenInMpls (DP Jo), E.W. born 10/24/2008
Becca, Phoebe Joy born 10/9/2008
Scalpel (Jess, DP Darcie), Alexis Jean born 8/29/2008
Venustx, Triplets!! Levi, Sage, and Jillian born 8/12/2008
AngelaM (Angela), Ocean Rae born 8/10/2008
mamimapster, Jocheved (Julia) Hadassah Bat Sara V' Miriam born 7/15/2008
kk_davey, Grier born 7/7/2008
MollyKenzie, Lucy and Edie born 6/18/2008
rightkindofme, Shanna Francesca born 5/24/2008
TheGirls, Alexandra Kathryn Stay born on 5/12/2008
thismama, Zelda born 5/6/2008
mamastotwo, Boy/Girl twins born 5/2/2008
msjodi, Delaney Cait born 5/1/2008
Jentina (Jen & Sarah), Ellis Thomas born 2/20/2008
NZmumof2 (Anna, DP Leah), Florence born 1/23/2008

Recovering from Losses, to Rejoin Us Soon
Snoopy13 (JD)
Miss Scarlett
Astropeep and FozzieBear
ktcl (and dp Megin)

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Carmen Thank you so much for taking over the thread!!!
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Thanks for the many congrats from the last thread! My partner and I were talking about the difference between the typical due date and the actual conception date. I told her that we are one month pregnant but she can't wrap her head around that because she knows we inseminated only 2 weeks ago. We've decided to wait three months to tell the masses and now we're trying to decide which 3 month date, the typical or her interpretation. She's funny.
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thanks for the new thread carmen!

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Echoing the, "Thanks for the congrats from the last thread!" I feel like I haven't said "Thank You" enough lately. I've been a little bit preoccupied, I'm afraid.

Congrats, Kimlyn!

And thank you, Carmen.

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Serene, have any pics to post? I love newborn baby pics, they're so much fun.

Well, I'm hanging in. After that unfortunate visit with the midwife almost 2 weeks ago, we had a really great visit yesterday. I gained 5 lbs in the past 3 weeks, which is impressive since I've gained only 18 lbs in the whole pregnancy and I'm already underweight. I owe it all to the coconut-based ice creams and milks. I'm still measuring small, but not "dangerously" small like I was, and the baby seems to be fattening up. The midwife is still hoping the baby stays in until at least my due date, but I'm okay with a smaller baby that comes out any time. Pregnancy's been miserable for me this time around and I cannot wait to be done (and cannot wait to adopt next time around).

We have everything ready, just blew up the birth pool this week and it's sitting in our room waiting to be needed. I've been frantically cleaning and cleaning, but things never seem clean enough for me. I've cleaned more in the past 3 weeks than in the past 3 years, lol

Our 5 yo has been really excited lately but I still think she has no idea what she's in for. It's going to be such a hard adjustment going from being an only child to having a baby brother/sister. I can't even imagine what it'll be like for all of us. But I'm soooo ready to find out.

How's everyone else?
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raene, wow, congrats on the weight gain!!! sounds like you are more than ready for baby to arrive.

afu, dp had a good day and managed to eat quite a lot, and plenty of protein too, yay. she had her first pregnancy massage and really enjoyed it. because of the relaxin, everything let go really easily. we're planning on weekly massage from now on. i had them when i was pregnant and it really helped with the aches and pains.

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Originally Posted by indigoscot View Post
afu, dp had a good day and managed to eat quite a lot, and plenty of protein too, yay. she had her first pregnancy massage and really enjoyed it. because of the relaxin, everything let go really easily. we're planning on weekly massage from now on. i had them when i was pregnant and it really helped with the aches and pains.

Ooh weekly massage! That sounds heavenly!
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hey all, i read on ninefirefly's blog that her daughter was born on july 31st - 8lbs 4oz and 19" long. breastfeeding like a champ! i'm not sure she comes here so much anymore so i wanted to update everyone! :

welcome to the world little one!

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Raene-impressive weight gain! Yumm I love all of those coconut milk products--just recently tried their kefir YUUMMM

Indigo--horray for a normal day for dp! I echo the "sounds heavenly" I've been going once a month for the last couple months, but I'm really starting to feel the pull in my low back so I might have to see my massage therapist a lil more often

afm--I had a great weekend, full of good food (I ate more yesterday than ever before) friends, family, fun and FERMENTATION!! I love doing food projects and today I made dilly beans, pickled beets, cultured veggies and home brew ginger beer--yuumm!!

Only slight problem is I have been having so much fun, I keep finding myself forgetting that I'm pregnant?? Its really weird?!! I look down and see my belly and I'm like "oh yeah, I forgot" And to have this happen for the first time at 18 weeks is a bit weird--I'm supposed to be feeling movement now!!
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Hey All,
I've been hanging out in the DDC more often but thought I would give a quick update here too! I am almost 27 weeks pregnant with a GIRL we are planning to name "Dekaylee May Katherine"! We are so excited! Funny thing is we were sure it was a boy until the u/s tech said otherwise! he he Pregnancy has been going amazingly well and I say that with fingers crossed as we head into the 3rd trimester.
Kate got to feel the baby kick for the first time a few weeks back and now every night when we get in bed she puts her hand on my belly so she can feel her again! We are slowly getting her room ready and are anxious, nervous, and excited about being parents!
Oh and since marriage for us is not legal here in Indiana I am doing a legal last name change so both of us and our daughter have the same last name and once she is born we will begin the process of 2nd parents adoption, so she can be legally Kate's as well. My court date for the name change is in 2 weeks! :-)
SO that's it for our update for now!
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Originally Posted by deny_zoo29 View Post
! Funny thing is we were sure it was a boy until the u/s tech said otherwise!
Us too. I'm still in denial, though. They can be wrong...and are, many a time

Congrats on everything, being over the halfway mark always feels good.
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I'm glad your dp finally had a good day, indigo! A long time coming....

And congrats on the weight gain, raene! Good for you!

kjm, I sometimes have days where I "forget" I'm pregnant too. It's actually more that I forget that a baby is on the way...if that makes sense. I'm excited to feel regular movement!!

Congrats, deny! I go back and forth between thinking girl and then boy...I really haven't had many strong feelings either way though.

We have been having a mini heatwave here, up higher than 30 on some days (broke records in Vancouver). I was miserable and my legs/ankles/feet were so swollen I couldn't even get some of my shoes on. I have been swimming as much as possible at the beach and it's been heavenly....the only time I feel really good actually. DP and I have opted for the 20 wk u/s (it will be closer to 19.5wks) and are looking forward to it. It's on Aug. 13. We are still not planning on finding out the sex of the little one though.
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congrats on your little girl deny!

carmen, ugh on the puffeet. i had those but not until close to the end of my pregnancy - but also during a terrible summer heatwave. i had to start working from home and keeping my feet up in the la-z-boy. i hope you don't have this too much longer. maybe once it cools down it will improve for you.

afu, poor dp threw up in the car going home from work yesterday. luckily she had a ziploc baggie - i was driving at the time. it's also lucky that seeing/smelling puke doesn't affect me, lol! it does seem like she is having more good days than bad now - i just wish she could be done with the puking and actually enjoy being pregnant. last night she felt more flutters and i talked to her belly and rubbed my hand in that spot and she said baby fluttered around more after that.

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Dad Frustrations

Anyone else get the "well, what does the DAD look like??" questions? We are sooo tired of that. How many times can you correct people and say that it's a donor, not a dad? But people just don't seem to think, or care.

Arg. What do others do in this situation? Any amusing comments back?
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Originally Posted by Raene View Post
Anyone else get the "well, what does the DAD look like??" questions? We are sooo tired of that. How many times can you correct people and say that it's a donor, not a dad? But people just don't seem to think, or care.

Arg. What do others do in this situation? Any amusing comments back?
I've written about this on my blog. It drives me CRAZY. I usually just say, oh, do you mean the donor? Having a trans partner who identifies as Dad makes it both easier and harder. If it's someone I know, and they ask something about "Dad," I usually purposefully respond and refer to Jack, just to make it clear that he is, in fact, Dad. If it's someone I don't know and will never see again and they ask me something like, "Oh, is daddy tall too?", I usually just say no, we're both short, and leave it at that (even though her donor is 6'4").

Am looking forward to hearing others' responses!
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I still get that from my own dad. He still refers to the donor as 'dad' sometimes. I have pictures of the donor as a child and as an adult, though he is an anonymous donor. I have shown my mom and a few other family members the pictures, but I haven't shown my dad. I'm afraid that he'll pick Ray's features apart trying to figure out which parts he got from 'dad'. shprt of correcting them all the time, I'm not sure what to do to get away from that.

Just wanted to say congrats to those that just found out they're pregnant! Enjoy it!!! :

Raene, your weight gain sounds a lot like mine. I only gradually gained until about the last 4 weeks. But the weight I gained at the end was pretty much all water weight. MY calves and ankles really swelled. We took pictures of the sock marks, though I'm rather sure no one wants to see that. :
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Well tomorrow I go for more blood and vaginal ultrasound w/my RE. We should be able to see the sac which we are looking forward to.

I've got heartburn today and started feeling a bit queasy after McDonalds.

We visited a Birth Center and were very excited about going there instead of a hospital when the time comes. Yesterday, I found out I am not eligible to go there because I'm on blood pressure medication and they consider it "chronic". Now, when my PCP put me on it, she said I was pre-hypertensive but since I was trying to get pregnant I should start it now. Boooo! : Now I'm pissed because I really wanted an out of hospital experience. I am still going with a midwife but fear the possibility of episiotomy and c-section.

So, I am now looking into which midwife/hospital we'll want to go to. I know it's early to look but I want to decide ASAP so that I can start my midwife visits in September.

I hope everyone else is doing good!
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we had an ob appt yesterday and dp has put on 3lbs since our last visit 2 weeks ago! finally! her bp and uterus checked out fine and we heard the heartbeat again. we'll get the results from her tsh and free t4 tests tomorrow and will go back in 4 weeks for another ob appt and the 20 week u/s.

our ob suggested dp wean herself off the morning zofran pill and so far so good. alas she puked again tonight making 4 evenings in a row for that. i wonder if baby is going through a growth spurt?

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yay for the new thread! the other one was a little overwhelming.

beth - due jan 3, 2010

carmen - we have the same due date! (for what it's worth...)
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