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Do you keep anything on top of the fridge?

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There is always something on top of our fridge but I always change what it is because it always ends up looking cluttered/messy. Usually it ends up being unfinished bags of bread and opened chip bags (clipped closed) on a tray. I hate having those on the counter. But I hate the way it looks. I've also tried putting some plastic shelving up there but it makes our kitchen look way too "packed" iykwim. The only thing that has looked semi-okay up there are packaged of paper towels, but then they end up getting used more often than I'd like. I'd like to just keep it clear but we honestly need the space.

Do you keep anything up there? If so, what and how does it look?
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Mine has lunch bags and coolers. Empty egg cartons. And any toys that need to removed from children's hands.
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I try to only keep one plant up there but right now we have crackers, bread and cereal too.
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The top of the fridge is DH's favorite spot to put his keys, cell phone, wallet and belt. You know, all those things that are crucial in the mornings that he otherwise can't seem to find. It's the only place the kids can't easily get to

otherwise, it's usually pretty clear. We have a lot of kitchen cabinets, counter space and pantry storage so we don't need it to hold stuff.
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One small basket which houses those little odds and ends like the checkbook, stamps, a few pens, etc. - thing sthat I use regularly enough that I don't want to always have to run down to the office for. However, that basket is the ONLY thing up there. I've tried a plant or a gargoyle, and in the end it always looks cluttered with more than the one basket centered on top.
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My kitchen doesn't have a lot of storage space so on top of the fridge I have my baking dishes (9x13, 8x8, and bread pan), my rice cooker, and my blender.
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i keep the kids' art tray up there. it's just a white melamine tray from target, with construction paper, paint, markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors and glue. it's a good place to keep that stuff all together, quickly accessible to me, but out of reach for them (they're young).

i wish that were the only thing up there. dh uses it as a place to put toys he doesn't want the kids playing with (if they get rough with a certain toy, it goes away for a while). he'll stash any random thing up there, really. it drives me crazy. i'm always clearing it off.
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We don't have much cabinet space in the kitchen, so I have to utilize every square inch of space...including the top of the fridge. I keep aluminum foil, saran wrap, and baggies up there. Oatmeal and cereal in containers, my dd2 always tries to get into them when they're in the pantry so I store them up there as well.
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Lots of stuff - crackers, croutons, raisins, peanuts - snack stuff basicly, along with my cast iron pots (10 & 12" "dutch ovens"), and a TON of egg cartons...
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I have three plastic bins up there. One is medicinals, one is vitamins, and the other holds spices.
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I have a rectangular basket with all the chips and such in it on top of my fridge. Also the knives are up there and a candy bowl (candy bowl I'd like to not have up there, it's in the way when i open the cupboard above the stove)
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just my fly swatter.
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Yes, all the things I haven't gotten up above the cabinets yet.
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the top of my fridge houses my market bags and my hubby's cooler that he takes his lunch to work in.

you can see it here.....http://www.flickr.com/photos/vmdesigns/3513551656/
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There are two cupboards above our fridge so i don't keep much up there, Just one basket that i put kids artwork and markers in. Its easy to move when i need to get the crockpot out, or the waffle maker and the other stuff that is in the cupboards.
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Boxes of cereal, two crock pots, a coffee maker, a basket of clothespins, and a vase of tissue paper flowers that my kids made for Mothers Day five years ago.

I guess it might look cluttered. Most of our house is cluttered to a degree, so I don't really care.
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What DONT we have on top of our fridge Its the one hot spot I can never get cleared up.
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Just our huuuge George Foreman grill that takes up way too much counterspace.
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We have several huge containers of DH's protein powder. The problem is that he doesn't use any of them but won't let me throw them away. They're super expensive and he buys them, doesn't like the taste or whatever and puts them on top of the fridge. He's never going to use them. I know it. He knows it. But, he can't let me throw them away since it would be like throwing $40 away on each of them.
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When we remodelled our kitchen we put a cabinet above the fridge that is about as deep as the fridge itself. It drove me crazy before because we would store assorted stuff up there but that meant we couldn't get at the actual (shallow) cabinet. Now with the deep cabinet up there I can actually close the door on the mess.
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