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Do you keep anything on top of the fridge? - Page 2

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Our hamster has lived up there (in his cage) for a couple of years because our youngest ds loved to open the cage and set him free

I am hoping that he is past that and hamster can move back to dd's room. I would love to have only a plant up there.

We have another high shelving unit (Ikea Ivar) in our kitchen with a high survace. On top of that, I have my fire extinguisher (hey - should wallmount that already!), boom box, basket for catchall odds and ends, paper towel roll holder, and dishsoap and soap for the dishwasher.
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We have a cabinet but also about 5 inches of flat that is used to quickly get things out of the way of my 4 yr old. Presently it is a dancing musical horse that was driving me insane.
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Originally Posted by amcal View Post
We have several huge containers of DH's protein powder. The problem is that he doesn't use any of them but won't let me throw them away. They're super expensive and he buys them, doesn't like the taste or whatever and puts them on top of the fridge. He's never going to use them. I know it. He knows it. But, he can't let me throw them away since it would be like throwing $40 away on each of them.
Start tossing a spoonful into every bowl of soup he has.
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I wish I didn't have anything on top of the fridge. Sadly our kitchen is lacking in counter and cupboard space. On the fridge: large roasting pan, stack of colanders and mixing bowls, vase AKA penny jar, and some other misc. I really should move some of this stuff to a less visible area since it is not used that often. I am using the dutch oven way more than the big roaster. I have a grand kitchen reorganization plan, but somehow I've stalled out. Thanks for the inspiration to get on it!
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Thats one of my cats favorite spot to lay.....I tried putting my cookbooks up there but she would ever so kindly move them out of her way and find her spot...I've given up trying

Pepper didn't care about the top of the fridge till we tried adopting a dog...the top of the fridge was the highest place she could get to and the dog couldn't LOL in the end we didn't adopt the dog but she is always up there!
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We have one basket up there that holds DD's lunch containers (and doubles as a bread holder when needed and other such uses) and we have a wine rack up there (currently has two bottles in it; holds 6). That's it. It is not cluttered and I like it.

We used to have all sorts of stuff up there and on the counters, etc. The pantry was overflowing, etc. We didn't even have children then, nor did we eat at home all that often. Somewhere along the line (after DD was born, but before she was eating real food), I decided I wanted to live differently. So, we made changes.........
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We're short people. I have to climb on a chair, stool, or the counter to get up there. Whatever goes up there, stays up there.

In all seriousness I have a vanilla candle in a purple vase.
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we have a tray for dangerous stuff (suuper glue, lighters & matches, needle-nose pliers, scissors, etc). also a flower arrangement that used to be in the half-bath that dd kept pulling the flowers out of and an oil candle (forgot that until now).
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I have a huge glass jar that holds all my teabags.
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Bread and cereal. There are two shallow cabinets above the fridge but they're very hard to reach, so I never use them.
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i have a cabinet above my fridge, so the only thing i keep on top of it is my pampered chef pizza store.
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My stinkin' cats think it is hilarious to jump up there and lounge. And when I try to open/shut the fridge door there is always a paw/tail/face in the way. Dang cats.
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I try to only keep a flashlight up there.
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We have a ceiling mounted pot rack hanging over the fridge. It blocks access to the liquor cabinet, but we don't go in there often these days so that's OK. On the actual fridge is an extra wooden drying rack that I use every few days when the dishes get backed up.
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A basket with breads, pita, chips, etc. It doesn't look cluttered because from below, all we can see is the basket, not the stuff stashed in it. An aloe plant also lives up there for quick access in case of burns.
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All the cat stories reminded me of our previous apartment. When we adopted our greyhound he seemed to have a love of bread - he would steal a full loaf and take it to his bed, chew a hole in the bag, and pull out slices to eat. He was tall enough to reach everywhere else with those long legs! The top of the fridge was the only safe spot for it so the bread was always up there - either that or in the closed microwave oven.
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until today when i cleaned it off:
labels from bread, if you save 11 you get a loaf free.
school money collection labels
a vase
some change
a baggie
other stuff that gets put up there when my hands are full and i want to be able to find it again.
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double post
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ugh! way too much crap. it makes me crazy. :

bananas, cookie jar, roach spray, zip-top bags waiting to be reused, pens, pencils, scissors, kitchen thermometer, toys the kids have been fighting over, a couple of cookbooks, and who knows what else.


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modern simple vases. our kitchen is very modern so it looks good and they are too big to store anywhere else!
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