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Anyone have experience with this? I was on BCPs for 9 years plus a year of depo shots before having kids. I swore I would never do that to my body again, hormonal BC did bad things to my body & mind. Now we aren't sure if we are done having kids so we don't want to do anything perm, but I am tired of guessing when I may be fertile or not since my cycles are a little different each month. We do use condoms when I am not sure if it's 'safe' or not, but I'd rather not mess with them. I am terrified of IUDs & we may want to TTC in a few month, not sure yet.

I have been told that Nuvaring has less side effects because the hormones go straight to the uterus rather than through the blood stream to the uterus like BCPs. Please tell me everything you know, the good, the bad, & the ugly.
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I just started using the ring about 2 weeks ago. So far, not a fan.
The good...I don't notice it. I don't have to remember a pill.

The bad...(bear in mind it's only been 2 weeks). My hormones seem to be a bit out of whack. The only pills I've ever used were a mini-pill after the birth of my daughter and Orthotricycline (sp?) more recently. I would put this more on par with Ortho. Breakouts, greasy hair, retaining water, very moody. This is all 2 weeks post AF, so I can't wait for PMS/cramps. There is occasional "breakthrough bleeding" (read odd brown discharge) that is "normal". And last but not least, there is a bit of a learning curve as far as DTD goes. I can't really describe the sensation, other than....odd. This is always followed by a game we call "find the ring". You can remove it, but it can only be out for 3 hours. I'm not saying these things take 3 hours, but if you've ever gotten the "mommy" call right in the middle of things, which leads to drinks of water and snuggles....and falling asleep

As you can see, I'm not too impressed. I'm actually seriously considering Paragard, just b/c I really hate hormones....and condoms. I wish we were sure at this point that we were done, cause I'd just ask DH to get a V.

I hope this helped some. Maybe somebody else who has used it longer will chime in.
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just started a week ago.i was wondering the same thing. so far it stopped that horrible spotting i kept getting from the mini pill. i am moister but no blood in the discharge. no nauseness either. i like the idea that you can take it out if it is not working for you. didnt like mirina or depo either.
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I was on Nuvaring for almost 3 years. Liked it for the most part, as I didn't have to think about it and we could take it out. After awhile I noticed that I was getting migraines every month. The headaches were getting worse and worse, and they were always around the time I took out or put in a new ring. I've had migraines before Nuva, but never like clockwork around my cycle.

So in February I just stopped using the ring and started charting. LOVE charting. Haven't had a migraine since. Now I have 4 rings sitting in my fridge that will never be used

Quest: No one really knows if it is 'you can take it out for 3 hours' once a cycle, once a week, once a day... I wouldn't take it out too much...
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I was on it for 7 1/2 months last year but stopped because I couldn't take the side effects anymore. I was 27 when I started and had never used hormonal birth control, so that might explain some of my symptoms.

What I liked:
- Didn't have to think about it much.
- I didn't get pregnant, so I guess it did work.

What I didn't like:
- I spotted that gross brown stuff a lot, even after the 3 months I was told it would take for my body to "get used" to the hormones.
- I gained weight despite eating healthier and taking up running during that time. My boobs got noticeably bigger too, which meant I couldn't wear a lot of the shirts in my closet anymore.
- I know the periods weren't real periods, but I never felt "cleaned out" afterward. I felt like there was still a lot of blood/tissue left to come out that just stayed in there and caused me to spot that brown stuff.
- It made me smell disgusting down there. I don't know how noticeable it was to anyone else, but I could smell it in all my pants and every time I went to the bathroom. It was a very strong, almost chemical stench that freaked me out more than anything.
- It took away most of my cervical mucous, something that has still not come back much after seven months off the ring (I now chart my temps and use condoms).
- My body never got into the three weeks on, one week off routine and my period would start as little as two weeks after putting in a fresh ring. When that happened the last time, I yanked it out and never went back.
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Originally Posted by Virginia884 View Post

Quest: No one really knows if it is 'you can take it out for 3 hours' once a cycle, once a week, once a day... I wouldn't take it out too much...
See, I didn't even think about that.
Not like I'm taking it out that much but, still...good to know. Thanks.
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I want to say I was on it for a year, or a little over a year. I have now been OFF it for a year and went back to charting like I had done before the Nuvaring. The nuvaring did not affect me as much as the Pill (was on that for 18mos. after first ds was born), but it did give me headaches and I felt sort of...neutral, if I had to pick a word. Emotionally wise, I mean. I feel it made me sort of "blah." I finally couldn't take it anymore and went off of it. Charting for me from now on.

What I *did* like about it was having a 3 day AF pretty much. And being able to stretch out the time before AF arrived if I needed to (ie. we were on vacation and I didn't want AF while flying cross-country, so I left the ring in a couple of days longer than advised and it held off AF).

For some people, it's perfect. I'd just try it and see what you think. If I'd had 0 side effects from it, I would have stayed on it, but it wasn't worth it for me.
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Thanks all for the info. It seems that everyone has about the same response & it is te exact stuff I am looking to avoid. I guess I am going to have to start really charting & temping again.
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i have been on the ring for three years... and it has worked... its the only kind of bc i have tried... i have only had a break through period once... i guess for the most part i like it... i dont really notice the side effects others have mentioned.... its easy... i would for sure be pregnant if i had to remember to take a pill at the same window of time everyday...
o & no guy has ever told me they could feel it or anything like that... so i have never had the issue of taking it out/forgetting...
however after reading on this site i think after i settle down, married... and we start ttc our first child & such... i will do a lot of reading up on whether or not i want to go back on a hormonal bc
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I just had to add my two cents here. I was on nuvaring for about a year, I guess, and I loved it. I loved the freedom it gave me from taking pills, and I also have to say that DH said he couldn't feel it either. BUT... I got pregnant while on it. My OB said that I'm the only one of his patients to ever concieve while using it, but it did happen. Just thought I would throw a warning out there... Good luck with your decision.
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I was on it for a couple years before TTC. LOVED it!
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