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hey, great to hear from all these pagan mamas. I have always indentified deeply w/the goddess and now that we are attending the UU church and their CUUPS group, I guess it's official. This is DH's and my first atttempt at "organized religion" and we must be ready because so far, so good.
BTW, I have a 3.5 yr old and a 1 yr old. It is fun to be able to have dd participate in stuff now and be able to understand more. Though her questions often stump me!!LOL>
anyway, bright blessings!!!
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Originally posted by Mommy StormRaven
I would also recommend the Book Pagan PArenting - the author escapes me now (probably becuase its not yet 6 am and DH felt it necessary to wake me up for no good reason this morning and now I cannot get back to sleep) but anyhow, good to see you all and have a blessed day!
The author is Kristin Madden, and it is a fabulous book! I recommend it to all pagans, regardless of path.

On an aside, anyone want a copy of the Pagan Kids Activity Book? I have an extra that I'm willing to mail out.

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I'll take you up on that one April! ANd it is a GREAT book!
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Great to read all of your posts. I am one those many lost/unlabeled, I identify greatly with the Earth religions. I was taught by one of my grandmothers about the Great Spirit ( she was Cherokee) and taught by my other about herbals and medicinal plants ( German immigrant). It has only been within the past year that I have longed to find my place.....Any who, I only wanted to say that I am overjoyed that you are here and interested in your posts. I hope that you don't mind if I cyber/eavesdrop on your discussons.

Circle Round is Great!

Warm days and Bright nights to you ALL
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sorry, just shamelessly bumping this thread :-)
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And shamelessly joining in. May I? I observe some pagan rituals, believe in the universe/nature as a power greater than myself, and have never felt particularly connected to Christianity. I also pray to a few goddesses.
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LOL, your too funny. GMTA (hehe using that acronym I learned from ya)
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please don't tell me what to do...
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Hey, my Goddess can beat up your Goddess, lol.

Don't you know you must be a Goddess to reach your true potential, and I am forced to share my Truth with all or you may not reach true enlightenment.
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my goddess doesn't need to know how to fight b/c she knows how to levitate...

so do I reach enlightenment by just listening to you share? or do I have to believe?

and if I do believe, how will you know? my goddess teaches me not to talk to strangers....
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Ahh, this is a breath of fresh air over here...
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LOL you guys are too funny!!!
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What does 'GMTA' stand for?

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great minds think alike.....
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aaaaaah, yes

thank you...
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just taking a break from the TTC board. I'm not a momma yet, but love Mothering- am an Aunt & got hooked up by my sis.

It's good to find this thread, bcz I knew you were all here, I just hadn't found you yet. Also, I am really happy with how diverse the boards are & how tolerant everybody seems.

As for me, I guess I am a small "p" pagan- to me that just means I'm not a christian. I'm very Goddess identified & Gaia friendly. Influences: Starhawk, Mary Daly, Monica Sjoo, and love Vicki Noble. For feminist purposes, I would love to reclaim the word witch more loudly, but I'm pretty closeted, besides I'm as buddist leaning as I am magical. Tried circling with some wiccan folks, but got a little disturbed by some real wierd hierarchical/patriarchal vibes. Ick. I'm still hoping that I'll find a women's spirituality circle of some kind I'll feel comfortable with some day. Our UU doesn't have CUUPS & when I asked if there was a Cakes for the Queen of Heaven class, they got real confused. The closest I have to a system of belief is embodied in Vicki Noble's Motherpeace Tarot, and I find amazing parallels in the Tao te Ching & in recovery/12 steps practice. I guess you could say I'm eclectic

well, just wanted to identify & say who I am
blessings, maria
ps- did somebody say they were going to Michigan Womyn's Music Fest? That's where I did healing circle with Vicki Noble. It's awesome. The community feeling there is intense & it is also amazingly inclusive (of everybody but men, what a breath of fresh air )
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sweet warmth of love overflows my being and reaches out to each of you, enveloping you with love, honor, laughter, fairy giggles, intense full bodied hugs and kisses raining upon you.

wow, I am so excited to find this thread.

What Mama Bear wrote (way back in April) resonates strongly.
Lutheran confirmation. Stopped going once Mom died when I was 16. Searching for the Mother figure, found Goddess religion in college and felt I came 'home.' Joined a coven once out of college - so, 'raised' Wiccan. HP died, coven disbanded and we moved to the woods, furthering our search for enlightenment. Discovered that hippie is Happy Intelligent People Pursuing Infinite Enlightment (from Mama Usnea and Shamus).
Now live on The Farm in Tn enjoying new life w/ dd.

I have learned a lot of different truths from people, books, music, & Gaia that the term Pagan is too limiting for me, also. I take a little bit from everything and try to live honestly. I also enjoy Jesus' teachings. I just don't care for the folks that try to cram his message/resurrection down my throat...they have missed the whole meaning/msg! sigh. Some do not realize that we will all be partying in Summerland/Heaven together!! or swirling around in the ether.

What I miss now is my spiritual family (back in KY) to celebrate the holidays and the moons. Celebrating with dd and dh is okay, but.....sometimes, we are just too tired to really get into the swing of things. Aaaah, yes...back to the basics and the simple rituals. Yes, Alayne, even lighting a candle or eating seasonal food is enough. (how easily I forget )

What have you folks done w/ your wee ones (1.5 yrs) to involve them w/ Goddess and ritual? What can they handle?
I do have Circle Round and Blessed Be. am looking forward to when my dd can participate. But, in the meantime? Suggestions?

Much love and thanks for reading my long intro

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Wow Alayne! What a beautiful beginning to your post! Totally cool that you live on The Farm!!! Spiritually Midwifery changed my life!!! Many hugs to you! Noey
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Hello to all you witches, Wiccans, pagans and eclectics--

Yes, another pagan mama heard from.

Had a traumatic Lutheran upbringing. Somehow ended up being raised in a fundamentalist church. Fire and brimstone, repent! Scary stuff. My mom loved music and sang in choir, played the organ. I also did youth choir. After my sister and I were confirmed (one yr apart) my mom admitted she and dad were atheists and only took us to church to avoid "killing Grandma."

Took me a few more years to even start to get over that. Felt very confused and betrayed. Did a paper on witches in senior yr high school, and started to get an inkling.

But moved on to studying Hinduism and Buddhism during college, early adulthood. Finally really got into the idea of paganism when my dd, at around 13, discovered paganism herself, and did more research than I ever did, and encouraged me to make the first Yule ritual.

Read Spiral Dance and it all came clear. Love to garden, sit outside, hike, have picnics, play with our animals.

Our Yule rituals are quite fun. We have friends over, the pagan, and the open minded curious. We sit in a circle, ground ourselves, cast circle, invite the Lord and Lady. Several that feel inclined talk about the meaning of the season. We have an altar, with the 4 elements/directions, represented. We light the fire laid in the fireplace, add a stalk of holly when it is going good. I lead a guided meditation on the idea of letting small ideas be seeded and grow into fruition in your life.

We watched the new Fantasia section, about the goddess and the horned god one year.

Children are in the circle, or wander in and out. They help light the fires, incense, etc. They've already baked the cookies. They may get one solstice present. When we end the ritual, the youngest lights the tree.

Then we feast, talk, and drum.

We still paint eggs every yr at Ostara, all the kids love it even tho they are "big." (10, 14, 16) We do a chocolate egg hunt, try to do it outside.

We are really getting too big for trick or treating at Halloween. Luckily, we have a Renassiance Faire in October near us, for wildness, costumes, tights, swords and bosomy corsets.

A couple years ago I got a tattoo on my back: a goddess triangle in the form of a Celtic knot.

This winter I had a friend lost a baby at birth, full term, it was so sad. Went to the christian funeral, and it seemed so very dry and uncomforting. I don't know her real well, she is a new firend, but I ended up telling her about my spiritual path soon afterwards. She admitted she had no desire to involve herself in the christian funeral. She seemed open minded about my ideas about what happened to her baby when she died. I loaned her Spiral Dance and she was hooked. She said a few weeks later, her sister was trying to lay the Jesus stuff on her and she told her to stop, she was a witch!

When you tell borderline christians about the meaning of easter and xmas from a pagan point of view (why we paint eggs, bring in a tree and put lights on it, etc) their eyes really pop. It all makes sense. I get mad about that xmas jingle; "Jesus is the reason for the season!" Uh, no...

and that's me in a nutshell. Blessed be...
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Wow DaryLLL, I really liked reading your post and everyone's posts really

I received my Circle Round in the mail yesterday...wow ! It looks great ! I'm not very far into it yet (page 48) but I glanced ahead and I'm very excited about now having ideas of what to do with the kids. Anyway, if they don't have fun, I sure will :LOL

I really noticed my catholic education though when I read "Youth and Maiden Lovemaking" :LOL

I wish their was a UU church were we live...maybe someday, sigh.

Blessed Be
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